Poor views of furs cinema

This time is not the internet pirates

Despite largely the same admission fees, less and fewer people go to the cinema in Germany. According to the Film Change Institute (FFA), only 60.3 million people bought a ticket in the first six months of this year, in the same period of the previous year, this number was still 72.3 million. And also sales of 352.5 million euros is 67 million lower than in the previous year. In the opinion of the FFA board Peter Dinges, among other things, Hollywood is responsible for this racy, which are currently passing by the European audience taste.

"Without US blockbuster it is not in Germany," he said. And in the first half of the year there were no blockbusters who had lured millions of spectators.The situation therefore sees everything but rosy for German Kinoeseitzer. And it could get much worse when Hollywood implements what is being discussed there just.

For example, a tining or even a completely abolition of the so-called cinema evaluation window is. This is called: between the first cinema radiation and the second marketing by DVD were six months. But in the meantime, the production companies and the lenders always try to tore this deadline Ooper. What in the case of "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "Sin City" to boycott of these films carried by rough cinemakettes. There is also similar deadlines in the US, but the six-month period until 1994 was already proclaimed by two months.

But now it is still very openly discussed over a completely abolition, but not for fear of internet pirates and pirated copiers, but to make the most profitable sale of DVDs even more profitable even more profitable. Meanwhile, trading in DVDs and videos is now the most important source of income of the studios, more important than the cinema evaluation.

Thus, the future Disney boss Robert Iger said that the day will come to which a DVD is published, while the film is still in the cinemas. In his opinion, this was significantly reduced marketing costs because a later advertising campaign to start the DVD is no longer necessary.

Another incentive to significantly reduce the deadline is in the previous practice of cinema evaluation. In the first weeks, in about half of the imaging goes to the respective cinema and the other half to the film distributor. In the weeks thereafter, then successively increases the proportion of cinemas, which could compensate for the lender with a Fruheren DVD publication. In addition, the lender and production companies increasingly focused on new marketing channels via the Internet, Pay TV, video-on-demand and even overs mobile phone. And the coarse loser of this development is the cinema, which will not only lose significantly in weight, but probably increasingly his visitors.

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