Pinterest: transaction offer by microsoft extends to the emptiness

Pinterest: Transaction offer by Microsoft extends to the emptiness

Microsoft had tried over the past few months to take over about 51 billion US dollars (21.5 billion euros) Heavy online pink wall. As the Financial Times Reported on Thursday, however, the talks for a possible acquisition are no longer "active". For Microsoft goods the purchase of Pinterest has been the previously robbered supp receipt in the company’s history.

Purchase for azure

Microsoft has been pursuing the strategy to build a portfolio of active online communities running on its own cloud platform Microsoft Azure. The last contact point was Tiktok, which Microsoft wanted to take over 2020. However, the deal supported by the then government failed. TKTOK refused. Oracle and Walmart wanted to jump into the breach, but this deal lies on ice indefinitely.

Microsoft has already bought properly in recent years and incorporates the career network LinkedIn 2016 for 26 billion dollars. The code repository Github 2018 followed for $ 7.5 billion. The Gaming Forge Behind the Mindcraft online game had already bought Microsoft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion in US dollars. Obviously, Microsoft aims to bring rough online communities to the own azure platform, probably also to use usage data of such platforms for other business areas. For example, LinkedIn data is used to customize other services and apps from Microsoft to users. Also, the data for marketing and as training material for KI applications are interesting.

Pinterest corresponds exactly to the bag scheme of Microsoft, like the Financial Times describes. The online pin board reported in the current 459 million active users per month, is therefore a gross online community. So far, Pinterest uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a platform that competition with Microsoft’s Azure. At a supposition, a relocation was probably.


The market value of Pinterest, which debited at the Borse in April 2019, has risen by more than 600 percent in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic and thus now for Microsoft a decent chunk. So far, Pinterest had repeatedly emphasized its definedness and excluded possible considerations. To the talks with Microsoft, Pinterest did not want to drive himself, Microsoft rejected a comment. Accordingly, it is unclear whether Microsoft has abandoned or another startup company.

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