Picture on descent

Picture and the sister blade image on Sunday find less buyers

As can be seen from the official task statistics relating to the second quarter of 2006 published on Friday from the IVW in advance, the boulevard sheet lost within a year above 160.000 seasonal buyers. Pity for leading politicians – they had just used to their new "leading medium".

When Germany at the Fubball World Championship in France in France in the quarter-finals against Aubensiter Croatia, who still wanted to know about 4.6 million builders, who held picture of the blam. Four years later, when Oliver Kahn was appointed "Titan" at the World Cup in the Far East, the leaf still set off 4.2 million copies. In the second quarter of this year, there were hardly 3.6 million, despite the "black-red-horny" weeks-proclaimed weeks during the Fubball World Cup in his own country.

Over one million less buyers

In fact, the dollar in which image has been located for years, always steeper. Since 1998, the leaf has lost much over a million daily builders – these are at least 22 percent racy. The Sunday sister leaf bumped even over 28 percent over the same period. In the second quarter of 2006, averaged only just under 1.9 million times to the "Bams".

While leading politicians in recent years had raised the boulevard sheet in the state of a "leading medium", more and more German image and "Bams" are lying on the kiosk. Maybe that’s why? Ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroder allegedly unevounded that he examines in the morning in the morning before he turns to other newspapers. Accordingly, picture Schrodder and other politicians regularly put prere on prere. And that with obvious success. "Tax down!", Asked the Leaf in June 2004 and after the Hurricane catastrophe of New Orleans at the beginning of September 2005" Chancellor Ruck the cheapsprit out!"The taxes were lowered and stapped state olreserves.

Exclusive thanks to the Chancellor

Successor Angela Merkel had formerly introduced the political crash of Helmut Kohl with his own contribution in the Frankfurt General Zeitung. In the meantime, she preferred her messages in picture. On the day after the end of the World Cup, the leaf printed "Exclusive" a letter from the Chancellor, in which she thanked "Klinsi and the German" for "a fantastic Fubball World Cup 2006". Other media had to quote picture to get something from the thanks to the Chancellor. An official press release – as soon as possible, there was not this time.

Maybe the head of government must soon seek a new announcement body given the negative edition development and the increasing image loss of the Springer Leaf soon. Responsible for this picture is increasingly being embedded, not least the picture blog. Given the many mistakes, false messages and slander, which will find the journalists Christoph Schultheis and Stefan Nigemeier in the picture of "volunteer helper" and unoppteaty in their blog, editor-in-chief Kai Diekmann has now been forced to introduce a "correction column" in the sheet. His grounds:

Picture is a coarse and fast newspaper back on a network of around a thousand journalists. And where people work, mistakes happen. In the correction column, these should be corrected quickly and easily.

Trend turn not in sight

For their own edition development, Indes Diekmann and the Springer Press Office, especially as the introduction of new sales channels as the sale in many McDonald’s branches could not stop the ongoing descent. A trendy does not seem to be in sight, not even mathematically. The updating of the edition development from 1998 to 2006 with the trend function of the calculation program "Excel" leads to the result that picture at the end of 2032 does not make a buyer more fished. Picture on Sunday the fate was made eight years earlier.

Picture on descent
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