Over-upper class

Over-upper class

Beijing (China), 24. April 2014 – the BMW Group needs another model series between the 7s and the Rolls Royce models? With a study on the car China (20. to 29. April 2014) should be tested as potential customers stand for this idea. The study under the name Vision Future Luxury also betrayed a lot about the next 7er, which should be sold from 2015.

Alu and carbon

The "Vision Future Luxury" should not only top the 7s in comfort, but also with contemporary consumption convince. This topic will also play a role in this class, not only because of fleet consumption. Especially in megacities people become increasingly asking the question of which share they can afford to a better air qualitat. If the car is actually in series, so it will not only exist in this segment compulsory V12 engine, but also hybrid drives. For the drive, however, BMW does not lose a word in its current accompanying text. Rather, there is spoken of consistent lightweight construction with aluminum and carbon. The next 7er should also be facilitated with the help of these materials.


In the interior of the study, BMW relies on the well-known ingredients: wood, leather and high floral carpet also do not miss their effect here, not so easy to be so easy to make the ambience of 7 or Mercedes S-Class really clearly bid. Finally, cars of this class can be faded for surcharge truly feudal. The driver also has different displays in front of themselves: Links will reveal information about the vehicle, in the middle there is a programmable instrument with speedometer, tachometer and more info, right sits the display of the infotainment system. With a new head-up display, danger points are highlighted directly on the object. Father should also give a traffic light assistant, which shows the current traffic light phases.

Not before 2017

If the study stobbates to the desired resonance, a production model is very conceivable. There was probably numerous parts with the next 7-part parts and at least 150.000 EURO costs. However, before 2017, we do not expect it.

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