On the well-altest rock images of dogs are a few

On the well-altest rock images of dogs are a few

M.Guagnin et al., Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 2017

Before probably 8000 years, people recorded on the Arabian peninsula, as they go hunting with house

Saudi Arabia is not only the land of a rich Sunnitan-Islamist dictatorship, which is on a war course and fight for the survival, but also a region that the modern man could be emigrated from Africa and in which he has settled in Fruh. Discovered here on a cliff on a long-dried riverbed in Shuwaymisdie and on hugs on the Rander former lakes in the oasis Jubbah, the probably parent rock paintings of dogs, which were created about 8,000 years ago. So far, only 4000 years old dog bone had been found on the Arabian peninsula.

Dogs should be the people, as some suspect, since 40.000 years accompanied, maybe only since 15.000 years. Uneven or. Controversial is also where it has given the first domesticated dogs. Some suspect that had happened in East Asia (pretty best friends), others against the Middle East or Europe (came to the dog). How far they have contributed to the success of Homo Sapiens is speculative. The community of dog and man could have increased the hunting success, and dogs could have been the first domesticated animals that could be slaughtered in an emergency. The dogs have also secured the sleeping sites of humans, warned against enemies or repelled them (from the proportion of wolf at the monkey’s incarnation).

The dog representations in the northwestern domestic Saudi Arabia show amazing, as the scientists in their contribution for the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology exports. Apparently, people have been about 8000 years ago, the pictures of analyzes, dogs are already guided on leashs on the hunt. For the first time, the rock drawings were documented in 2001.

But it remains a speculation of the scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Municipal History and at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, whether in a drawing one of 13 dogs accompanied Jager actually conducted two dogs on a leash, which suggests the drawing, While he stops arrow and bow in the hands.

Also on other pictures are dogs to see such linen. There are always hunting scenes with a more or less coarse pack of dogs, in which only one or two are appealed, during the insufficient run. After that, the dogs were connected to the hugs of the Jager. If these are fishing dogs, people had already trained and trained dogs for a long time. However, this is close in the history of long symbiosis, both of which both parties benefit. Therefore, the images are early representations that people use dogs for hunting, but that’s not really amazing.

The rock paintings come from Shuwaymis and Jubbah, a region in the northwestern Saudi Arabia, where at that time after a long durescent time, which until 10.Attributed to 000 years, fluff and dense vegetation. Maria Guagnin from the Max Planck Institute for Municipal History has cataloged more than 1400 rock drawings with animals and people.

Before 10.000 years lived in the Saudi Arab region of Jager and collectors, which were 7,000 to 8000 years ago on cattle, sheep and goats, and then increasingly mapped these domesticated animals. Sometime between the pictures of women with coarse breasts and outward abdomen and the livestock the rock drawings of the jaghundes were created. The side and among each other of deposits of jagern and collectors and nomads or settlers, which keep herds, testifies to the similarities of human representations such as the hair condition of a cultural identity, so that the Jagers and collectors became harmful to herds of herds.

Different hunting strategies with house

156 dog drawings are in Shuwaymis and 193 in Jubbah. The dogs are medium grob, with sharpened ears, short snouts and screwed sads, as this is contaminated with dangerous dogs. Therefore, it is not Wolfe or Hyanen. Rather, the dogs acknowledge today’s Kanaan dogs, a race from Israel, which from Bedouin dogs and in the region previously wildlife-living dogs.

It might strange that some dogs are kept on leash in a pack. So far, the first representations of fishing dogs from an agypal mural 5500 years ago. The pictures show that different hunting strategies were handled, which have to do with the topography and the environment in the Wadi and the oasis. In the oasis show the pictures Greater packs, in one are 21 dogs to see, during the Wadi people with fewer dogs went hunting.

But it remains unclear why hunted dogs were hunted. People wanted to protect important dogs with it or wanted them to drove them to their own protection? Should be a young dog trained for hunting? That they are on the hugs of the Jagery, could do so that the hands for use of arrow and bow remained free. But maybe it’s only symbolic connections of the Jagery to dogs that are very important to them.

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