Offer without consequences

A proposed by the Swiss Fur Minister at the World Economic Forum "Meeting of the last chance" There was no rough counter-love between the US and Iraq

Shortly before the presentation of the report of the weapon inspectors in front of the UN Security Council, the Swiss AubinMinisters CALMY-Rey has a Powell their US counterpart "Meeting of the last chance" In conflict around Iraq proposed. The Secretary of State reacted. From a concrete offer, such a meeting to be carried out, was not the speech. On Sunday, Powell, however, confirm the previous US attitude that direct negotiations on government level with Iraq are not planned. But it will take weeks to take a possible attack.

US – Minister Powell at the 2003 World Economic Forum. Photo: Swiss image

From 8. Until 10. January 1991, less than a week before the attack of the NATO Alliance against Iraq, in Geneva, the then US-Augemister James Baker attempted to find a negotiation on the peaceful settlement of the conflict over the Iraqi Annexion Kuwait’s peaceful settlement in Geneva and his then Iraqi office colleague Tarek Aziz. – unsuccessful. The attempt of one "Meetings of the last chance" Should also be made in view of the opposite war against Iraq. With this proposal in the luggage, the Swiss Auxury Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey traveled to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

On Saturday, the conversation between Calmy-Rey and Powell has taken place. During half an hour, the two blessed the opposite position of their countries. Basic difference between Switzerland and the USA is the attitude of Un-Resolution 1441. During Powell the security council on 8. November unanimously adopted resolution for not negotiable and considers the claimed persistor of Iraq as a war of war, Switzerland so far sees no reason for a military action against Iraq. "If necessary, the Security Council had to say goodbye to another resolution", So the Federal Council. In addition, the AubenMinisters of the youngest UN member exercise their concern for the Iraqi civil avenue.

Indoor political success

The actual key point of your mission, the offer on neutral Swiss ground "Meeting of the last chance" Between representatives of the USA and Iraq – analogous to the failed last direct negotiation attempt of the two war opponents of 1991 -, however, CALMY-REY has rather presented vague. She has said only that there had been such meetings in the past, Powell said after the conversation. Nevertheless, the Sunday edition of the new Zurcher newspaper speaks of one "Spectacular radical debut" from calmy-rey. With this association, however, the prestigious leaf means less the content of the diplomatic mission than the daring prerequisite of the Social Democrat, which has only been in office since the beginning of the year. Although she rummaged with her insistence on a conversation with Powell as a condition for her participation in the WEF in Burgerial Auben politicians on a little reason, she managed to flock the incident government members behind him.

On Sunday, Powell then put his view of things before gathered WEF celebrity again. Also in Davos, the US Foreign Minister crafted the Hard attitude of the United States another time. He stressed that he still hopes a peaceful solution in the Iraqi conflict. But the US were not backed in front of a war. Multilateralism can not be a reason for disease, Powell underlined the option of an American single. The criticism from various European states at the public attitude tried to play Powell with the argument, according to which disagreements do not equate with American arrogance.

As the next step in conflict for Iraq, one will now study the comprehensive report of international weapon controls to the UNO Security Council. The US is not in a rough hurry, which concerns a military approach to Iraq, there are still weeks still take, so Powell in his Davoser speech. However, this could only be superflatable, because a few weeks are still needed until the American and British troops will be stationed in attacks in the region. Theest decisions will be after the meeting between US Prassident George W. Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair expected next Friday.

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