Number of charging stations: hamburg just ahead

Number of charging stations: hamburg just ahead

Hamburg is equivalent to 785 public charging stations for electric cars in Germany in Germany. This is apparent from a new survey of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW). Behind it will follow Berlin with 743 charging points, Munchen (392), Stuttgart (382) and Dusseldorf (209). Bavaria (2715) is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (2345), Baden-Wurttemberg (2205), Hesse (1179) and Lower Saxony (1172).

The number of charging stations for electric cars is by 25 percent to around 13 through mid-2018 within one year.500 charging points increased. There are about 6700 charging panels in Germany, which are only partially accessible, for example with companies. "In some bads, the cover is already so high that just a handful of cars share a loading point," said the chairman of the BDEW’s main fuel, Stefan Capper. The Federal Government had originally ied the goal that by 2020 one million electric cars should drive on German strain. But this is now considered to be no longer available.

So far, there is an insufficient loading infrastructure as a major obstacle when expanding the electromobility – in addition to the comparatively high price of vehicles and the lower range. The newly residents of electric cars were recently increased significantly. In the first half of the year were around 17.000 electric vehicles approved – almost 70 percent more than a year ago. Nevertheless, e-cars have only a market share of 0.9 percent.

The breakthrough of the electromobility KONNE will only succeed if the automotive industry "finally brings on the market, which can compete in price and performance with burners", so Capper. Since more than 80 percent of the charging occurrence takes place at home or in the workplace, it is also important that the expansion of private charging infrastructure is facilitated: "Due to the degradation of legal hospital and financial incentives," called Capper. Anyone who uses an electric car as a company car also private can expect tax benefits from 2019.

The market was also allowed to be fed by a strongly growing offer. Volkswagen becomes the I.D.-Family from 2020 come to the market, Mercedes starts in the coming year with the EQC 400. In 2019, the long-procured Audi E-TRON will finally have to be. PSA announced the DS3 E-Tense on Thursday. Only four of numerous models that will be in the processes in the coming two years. An increasing battery capacity and more charging panels will underpin the demand with high probability.

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