North caucasus: expansion of the fight zone

Chechnya is due to the brutal regime of Kadyrov "fret", The conflict with separities and Islamists has moved into the neighboring republics

On Monday, a bomb attack was refurbished on the prasides of the North Caucasian Part Republic of Ingushetia. This stop represents the highlighted high point of the actions of Islamic separatists on the territory of the Caucasus Republic. Already in the last few weeks, several representatives of the state violence have come to life in the mostly inhabited partially by Muslims. A circumstance that means for the Kremlin a Herben Ruckschlock in its peacekeeping, because in contrast to his transaction, Junus-Bek should equalize Jewkurow and provide dialogue in Ingushetia for peace. But apparently, the mistakes of the previous North Caucasus policy, which is primarily responsible for the expansion of the conflict of Chechnya to the entire region, can not do so quickly, as hoped by Moscow.

The Chechnya war is over, even if he officially never took place. As an anti-terrorism, the Russian government designated the use of her army in the once-ailing partial republic, which lasted 10 years and finished in April of this year from the Kremlin as for successfully exploring the end of Chechnya War). However, despite the supposed tranquility currently prevalent in the once-ailing republic, due to the Moscow Help in the reconstruction and the brutal regime of Ramsan Kadyrov, the Kreml is aware that Chechnya is still far away from a normal peace. Worse, not just Chechnyia, where anti-terrorism after the mutations of some Russian newspapers has ended because of the too high costs, but the entire North Caucasus, where the action radius of Islamic separatists has shifted, are still far away from everyday life, which as can be called peacefully.

North Caucasus: Expansion of the fight zone

The best example of these are the youngest events. On Monday morning, in Nasran, a suicide dust dusted, armed with 70 kilograms TNT, an attack on the carriage column of the Ingushet President Junus-Bek Jewkurov, when this was just on his way to the capital of Magas. The bodywork of the prasident has come to life, while hewkurov, as well as his brother Uwais, who leads the bodyguard of the Ingushetist Prasident, and his driver, were seriously injured. The same day the three victims were brought into a Moscow hospital, where their condition should have stabilized according to Russian press information.

The bomb attack on Junus-Bek JewCurow is only a further bloody highlight of the last three weeks. On the 10th. June was bombarded in Nasran the car of Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court, ASGA Gasgerejewa, on the way to work. Still on the way to the hospital, the juristin succumbed to her injuries. Three days after the attack on ASGA Gasgerejewa, an assassination was refurbished on the former Vice-Premier Ingushetia, Bashir Ausschew,. Just like Gasgerejewa, Achew died on the way to the hospital.

The former paratroop Junus-Bek Jewkurov, who was committed to the Kosovo war, the Russian unit, which occupied the airport in Pristina, should make this violence an end. In October 2008, the Kremlin made the North Osms to the President of the North Caucasian Republic and the successor of the then backed state owners Murat Sjasikov. A severe task that the Jewkurov also forced the other than his successor. With transparency, dialogue readiness and a fight against corruption, the largest ubel of Russian Burocracy, which Dimitrij Medvedev announced the fight (on the way to modernizing Russia?), the former soldier wanted to change the relevance in the North Caucasus Republic. Even the Russian human rights organization Memorial praised him for it.

Willkur of state power and bad economic situation engraved the sympathies with the rebels

But the political altlast, which inherited Jewkurow from his process, currently has a great influence on everyday life in Ingushetia than the inhaleable policy of the Prassident, which has been officing since October. Because the Sjasikov ruling from 2002 went with all hard against political opponents, terrorists or terror-conventional. For example, Amnesty International criticizes in its current RUSSIAN REPORT to Russia’s volatile arrests, torture and out-of-court executions in Ingushetia and the entire North Caucasus. In 2007 and 2008 committed human rights violations, which also criticize Human Rights Watch in his report on the situation in Ingushetia and they even referred to as a "dirty war".

However, these human rights violations that Murat Sjasikow annoyed abroad and brought in the Kremlin, but the mysteriosis death of the critical online journalist Magomed Jewloev, for which the former FSB man is made responsible. On 31. August is the operator of the Website Ingushetiya.Ru immediately after landing in Magas was arrested by the militia and little five-father has been found injured on the strain. Little later he succeeds his injuries in the hospital. While the state organs were from a regrettable accident, they were drawn by a menstruge, in which a shot dissolved and Jewloev should have met at the sleep, opposition groups are still out of an execution. Reason for this amption is not only the critical attitude of the dead against the regime in Ingushetia, but also dispute between Jewloev and Sjasikov, who should have occurred on the flight to Magas.

And that this policy of hard hand leaves deep wounds and drives people into the arms of the Islamic separatists derived from Chechnya, which want to build a caliphate in the North Caucasus with the Sharia as a Code, show the latest investigations of the Russian prosecutor’s office. According to the Russian news agency Interfax, a young woman named Pjatimat Mutalijewa is responsible for the assassination on Junus-Bekjekkurow. Alleged motif for this act should be the death of their two brother, which were killed in an anti-terrorism of Russian safety faith.

But not only the hard action against the Islamic separatists whose battle has increased to aggressiveness increases the sympathies of the population for the Geschemfer. The miserable economic situation in the North Caucasian republics also brings people against the government in Moscow. So alone in Ingushetia the unemployment rate is estimated to 80 percent. A circumstance that the partial republic, in the 100.000 War escape lives and in police wedding cure and corruption to everyday life belongs to a powder barrel.

The social situation does not look better in the other Russian republics of the North Caucasus. The people in Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria also suffer from unemployment and poverty. And that this is co-responsible for the increase in terror, even recognized Dimitrij Medvedev. During a visit to Dagestan at the beginning of June, the Russian prasident called for the evaporation of poverty in the North Caucasus.

The place and the time of this appeal were not random. On the 9th. June met in Dagestan the Russian Security Council on the further approach to terrorism. The cause of this meeting was the death of the Dagestanian Minister of Interior Adilgerej Magomedtagirov, who was shot a few days before at a wedding party. Even though parts of the safety fuel are suspected behind this stop, this does not get the terrorism in the Russian partial republic. Almost daily take place in Dagestan on Milizionreis and other safety force. With for the safety organs high losses. As Medvedev explained in Dagestan, there were 308 terrorist acts throughout the North Caucasus in the last year alone, of which over a hundred explosives, where 75 employees of the security associates and 48 civilians were killed. The number of "liquidated" terrorists gave the Russian prasident with 112.

And other deaths are allowed to get involved. Both in Dagestan and Ingushetagen, special promotions of security authorities have been held for weeks. In Ingushetia alone, where Chechen safety organs are operated, according to the local Ministry of the Interior between the 16th. May and the 4. June 22 terrorists have been killed. And the number was allowed to rise in the next few months.

In response to the youngest events, Moscow announced hard maws against the terrorists in Ingushetia. And these maws should not perform less than the Chechen Prasident Ramsan Kadyrow. A man who not only terrorized the once-ailing republic with his regime, but also persecuted political opponents and critics abroad (it happened on the lights day). It is a decision that was allowed to contribute even more to the escalation in the North Caucasus.

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