No way out of the lock?

According to the boss of the US Central Command, General Petraeus, the use of Western troops in Afghanistan is far from end

A tragically failed NATO air tackle in the Afghan Urusgan, which instead of Taliban camphor allegedly over 30 civilians, including children, tied; A political crisis in the Netherlands, which has undertaken the relegation of the Afghanistan mandate: according to success reports of last week – especially on the captions of final figures of Taliban-based and news agency reports on military progress in the offensive in Mardscha – and Kinking hopes (cf. Prize on the Battlefields of Marja May Be Momentum) -, push the old, unloved questions in the foreground again: How can the West draw the Pashtun population in the Suden Afghanistan on his side? How long will the United States remain with the mood of their populations at the rod? Australia does not want to jump into the Netherlands, Canada begins with the deduction of his soldiers this year. What are the chances of seeing a turning of the locks?

The boss of the US Central Command, General Petraeus, makes it clear in its current interview that the turning does not come so fast. Petraeus, who is considered realist, preaches no St.Nimmerleins Day, but its formulations give clearly understand that the route from the conquest of Mardschas to the control of the province of Helmand and their transfer to the Afghan safety force is very wide and costs a high blood collapse.

Mr. Gregory: But u.S. Losses, significant? GENE. Petraeus: They’ll Be Tough.

Even if the "Operation Muschtarak" had a good press last week, even in the stressed positive messages, as she provided the Wall Street Journal, for more detailed reading, was that the city is not yet 75,000 to 80 000 inhabitants was completely under control. It remained blind spots on the map. And at the beginning of the week, the city is not yet completely under the control of the Allies and the Good Wanting Reporters of the WSJ will be more important to look in the strategy:

Ten Days Into the Fight for Marjah, U.S. And Afghan Troops Continue to Seize Ground, Often Battling The Taliban from One Mud-Walled Compound to the Next. BUT PROGRESS HAS BEEN SLOWER IN WINNING OVER LOCAL CIVILIANS, MANY OF WHOME ARE US Which Side Will Make Life Safer For Their Families.

The support of the Pashtun population is the central element of the new strategy whose first gross test case is Mardscha. Is called that there is now "Phase 2" starts. "Clear, Hold, Build and Transition To Local Security Forces", is the short formula of the strategy. After the expulsion of the Taliban and the use of the control, a new functioning administration and government infrastructure should be established there. So that the political priority over the military profits, as the core of the Counter-Insurgency (Coin) strategy developed by Stanley McChrystal provides for. And the population trust the central government and their foreign composites. As far as the theory.

In practice, there are some obstacles to. That begins with the basic question where confidence should come from, after eight and a half years of prasence of western troops, which have not invited their promises after more safety and reconstruction of the country, suddenly the things should be challenged. Tom Engelhard tips this argument too: How should American government advisors who do not do their things at home to teach the population in Mardscha "Good Governance"? In addition, cooperation at the same level, as the operation muschtarak promises its name, probably can not be talk again. As a rendering example, the following section quotes from the current Mardcha reporting:

Western Officials So Are Bringing Afghan Cabinet Members Into Strategy Discussions, Allowing Them to Select The Officials Who Will Run Marjah Once It is Cleared of Taliban, And Pushing Them Before The Cameras to Emphasize The Participation of Afghan Troops in The Offensive?

The mistrust of the Afghans has real ground. They fledged that, as have been experienced a few times, warlords and other old associated the central government could take the command to the Taliban. The other fear concerns corruption, from the millions of dollars, which are to Mardschah and other conquered Talibanhochburgs, the population expects only a fraction. In addition, the Afghan army, which accompanies the operation of the Western troops, does not operate anyway unauthorized (see the reports of Nir Rosen), to a coarse part of Tajiken, which will not necessarily be welcomed by the local pastries.

Mardschah is only a "first salve", so Petraeus. McChrystal ordered the next destination already: the million town of Kandahar. The escape feet, which are expected in an operation of Western troops, could pay half a million, say Bobachter ahead.

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