Newspaper: sounds in the exhaust manipulation case

Like the newspaper Picture on Sunday Appealed to a report of the internal revision of the company, several Volkswagen engineers have ran to say in surveys, they had installed the manipulation software in 2008.

Accordingly, at this time, the diesel engine EA 189, where he has been working at Volkswagen since 2005, was shortly before the series maturity. But no solution has been found, as both the exhaust standards and the cost specifications could be maintained for the engine, wrote the sheet. Therefore, the decision would like to use the manipulation software gave the engineers loud Picture on Sunday against the internal audit on protocol.

Volkswagen had on 29. September admitted that eleven million engines worldwide are equipped with a software to manipulate the Meng of Pollutant Outset. Closed the scandal, the Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn cost the job were investigations of the US environmental worker.

Update: "We do not comment these reports", said a Volkswagen spokesman on Sunday. The company is ahead of the declaration of events. "As soon as we have resilient results, we will inform about it." Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) demanded the Group for a rapid declaration of the scandal about manipulated exhaust values for diesel vehicles.

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