Newspaper: adac saved visitor numbers at nurburgring

The ADAC should be according to information of the Time the audience numbers have systematically spared the 24-hour race on the Nurburgring. The weekly newspaper refers to documents, after which the numbers mentioned by the ADAC are high in such events up to four times higher than the amount of tickets that were actually sold. The ADAC North Rhine in Koln said dpa-Inquiry, the tickets sold are only one of several components when determining the audience numbers.

According to ADAC, tickets for drivers, teams and guests, free tickets, multi-day tickets or permanent-passe in the statistics. Since the wide racetrack was difficult to control, many fans watched without a ticket. Your number will be determined with aerial photography and is supplemented with estimates of the hosts. "This payment method is in the incidental practice at national and international coarse events," said an ADAC spokeswoman.

Specifically, it’s about the race in 2012. the Time Quoted from a letter from the Fruheren Nurburgring operators to the chairman of the Adac North Rhine, Peter Meyer, which was broken down in the course of the Carreis Scandal as ADAC prassident. In the letter from 2012, there is a "tradition of false and wide indication of visitor numbers". After that, the automobile club had 235.000 visitors reported, though only 49.048 tickets and 16.418 camping cards were sold.

At the end of January, the greats from the Rhineland-Palatinate Trier had already accused the ADAC to manipulate the number of visitors of the Germany rally. According to the city council group, the city of Trier supports the event with about 140.000 Euro in the year – the audience figures given by the ADAC are striking it. Also then the club rejected the manipulation reproach.

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