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Presence of the new Federal Association of Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media

The members of the Federal Association Information Technologies (BVIT) agreed yesterday unanimously the constituence of the new federal association information industry, telecommunications and new media BITK. With the "Yes" The BVIT General Assembly is no longer in the way of the basic German IT association. The BVIT members were the last of the four association BVIT, BVB, Sachverraft Information Technology in ZVEI-VDMA and Professional Association Communication Technology in ZVEI granted the involvement of their association on the largest association for the IT industry grunes light.

The association becomes the new association with its element on the 28. Although October, but continue to exist in their own. First of all, the focus is on the focus. To the next year, BITK will give to sample. Only then will the individual associations be voted in turn as it continues: Loosen the four association in BITK, the top association continues to be a bandage of the association or he disappears again in the recess? The main question will be whether the four association will find a uniform IT policy.

So far, the IT industry was fragmented: 25 Overregional association and over 40 regional associations gave the policy of different recommendations. It usually went to questions of political daily, less about trend-setting visions.

Also movement is on the academic side of the IT interest groups. The Company for Computer Science (GI) which was founded exactly 30 years ago in Bonn as a non-new association, wants to put on the openness of strong accents in the openness. With 21.200 members is the biggest computer science association. Already in 1997 she made aware of the year 2000 problem. She also looked around the topic "Legal security on the Internet". At its annual meeting in October, e-commerce and cryptography are payable to the main topics.

The content work takes place in the GI usually in working groups. She is rarely communicated to the non-scientific community. Here is a huge potential of know-how, it was organized otherwise organized, in the angelschensian countries already with the title "Think Tank" had been provided goods. Since the new top association of industry BITK hardly about questions like "What is the information society from tomorrow?" Local numbers, the GI could fulfill an important task here. There are already corresponding considerations. However, the necessary open dispute culture will only slowly develop. ()

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