New center study: schedited germany

New Center Study: Schedited Germany

Basic Law Installation. Photo: Sebastian Bergmann / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation now takes the "New right settings" In the view and ensures increasing hostile attitudes in a radicalizing minority

In full text, the study has "Cleaved center, hostile state" The Friedrich Ebert Foundation 241 pages. It is a lot of material, which is heard here to prove a thesis that already tackles in the short title, and in which a stunning high percentage is summarized in the collapse, and a conflict of terms that can be sauteed more on the flap text of a dystopic novel Had in a study to the spiritual state of the republic:

Consideration myths relating to a supposed immigration by Islam, the assertion of an opinion dictate, a insultation of the "Establishments" as illegitimate, mendacious and mutandy, the demand of national prere-breaking against the EU and the call for the resistance to the current policy form a connection to the reconciliation, which will be represented by almost 28% of the population.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Almost 28 percent approval for an adjustment configuration that as "Neurecht" is designated, that is considerable. Interviewed from June to August 2016 via telephone (CATI) 1.896 representative deposited persons with German state-owned. The evaluation gave some amazing individual results.

For example, that 40% of all respondents think that German society was infected by Islam. That too is a high percentage when you had to expect him. 28 percent think that the ruling parties were the people. Exactly as many complain that in Germany you can no longer fit free free, without geting an Arger.

29 percent find that it is time, "More resistance to the current policy show". At the word "resistance" Is the new on the German autumn 2016 into the game: the radicalization on the right. That is a Result of the new middle study, as it is called briefly.

High violence in a minority

It significally, what has already been written and spoken in reports and communicia for a long time: In addition to the Bural majority, which agrees with the democracy operation, a strong minority has been presented, the opinions represented by sociologists as "miserable" be called.

The explosive aspects that the study poses to it is once the passage of the burial center for facets "Group-related human knutility" from the right warehouse and the other question of readiness to implement group-related misalignment in force.

The reporting author see this danger at one "Relatively small, but with regard to political settings radical group". This is illustrated at a 7 percent response (can be found on the last page of the 8-page coin-central results). There is also the basic thesis of the study in a short form:

There is a broad democratic center in Germany, which refuses for equivalence and democracy and rejects violence. However, there is also a small protest group, which is in a high-minded manner and the democracy is skeptically opposing.(…To)

Result of the study "Cleaved center-hostile state"

Only 7 percent of all respondents were at one "Demonstration against immigration" want to participate. By contrast, 45% were at one "Demonstration against racism" participate. The 7 percent will then be more accompanied by something more closely in the study: there is a significantly high democraticismism to find, higher violence and high consents to all dimensions of right-wing extremism. A significant part of this group, 40 percent, show because of their information "high violence". The authors can handle that they can contribute to the escalation of conflicts.

Muslimfeen settings, prejudices against asylum seekers and negative opinions about long-term unemployed

In view of the rough whole, the study sets a jerkiness of negative opinions on social groups since 2002, in people with disabilities (2 percent), in the devaluation of people with homosexual orientations (10 percent) and anti-Semitism (6%), where one At the latter, however, the approval has increased to more subtle variants. 40 percent vote as follows: "With the policy that makes Israel, I can understand well that you have something against Jews".

Other exceptions to the tendency to be decreased enemy group-related attitudes are mentioned: Muslimfeen settings, prejudices against asylum seekers (they rose within two years of 44 to 50 percent) and negative opinions about long-term unemployed, almost shared by half (49 percent).

Pronounced prejudices in East Germany and under AFD sympathizers

The study invokes two amptions in this context, which are already circulating, namely that the advantages in the east of Germany and among the sympathizers of the AFD are progressed. Xenophobia, Muslimfindness, the devaluation of Sinti and Roma, asylum seekers and homeless people are significantly strong in the east of Germany, the study determines the study. For the respondents who sympathize with the ideas of the AFD, it is called:

The majority of foreigners (68%), Muslimfindliche (64%) and antique nanistic opinions (59%) as well as depreciation of asylum seekers (88%) and unemployed people (68%) are entitled.

Result of the study "Cleavage center hostile"

This does the study exemplary also at the attitudes to the escape. The observation of the sociologists is that the attitudes and cumbers are less dependent on income or other socio-demographic characteristics, "Rather than the political attitude of the respondents". Here are the "Potential Wahler of AfD.

There are negative attitudes in opposite frightened widespread, meanwhile in the potential electors of the established parties – as well as the non-speakers – one "positive attitude" To accommodate enameled overwatches.

The recording of the escape

The positive attitude is decreased as follows: Over half of the respondents (56%), the recording of the escape is well worth it as well, another 24% at least "Partly part" Well. 77% stated that they "rather or very hopeful" are that the society is managing the current situation (77% here are ‘rather’ or ‘very hopeful’). The stand 20 percent against it "explicit ‘rather not’ or ‘uberhaupt not’ well find that Germany has recorded many escape.

Personally threatened by escapeons in their way of life, find 6 percent, financially threatened 7 percent. Threatened. Around a quarter of the respondents will escape a drop in living standards in Germany.

More than a third, 35% of respondents, mean "rather" or "fully", "The German state Kummee more about escape rates than auxiliary exercise". 50% are "rather or not at all" this opinion.

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