Media battle for the health of clinton and trump

Media battle for the health of Clinton and Trump

Donald Trump’s doctor wrote in his certificate, Trump will be the most healthy prasident who the US had ever had. Image: Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Trump’s doctor dissociates itself from his certificate in which he wrote, "that he will be the most healthy person who has ever been elected to the prasident"

The permanent on provocation and attention Schielende Donald Trump had recently begun to draw the health of his competitor Hilary Clinton in doubt. she got "Psychic and physical" Do not have the endurance (Stamina) to take it with the IS and all the other opponents, he receded. Proof he did not do any, Trump is 16 months old than the 69-year clinton and does not look very fit. Clinton, so he said, "Real problems".

For a long time in right circles, claims about Clinton’s dismissal state of health are widespread. Already last year was coatable or. Bypingly, CLINTON would probably no longer live long, the speech is of a possible brain tumor. Diabetes could have them, their language center should be damaged, vapor scales were also diagnosed as a heart disease, which a bump should speak in their costum, which referred to a defibrillator references. "Decision-making" is brought into the game as well as her "Drugs fucked head" and the amption, she was allowed to wear diapers.

And there’s natural the mainstream media, which by means of one"Media vortex"Everything was putting on the dismissal health status of the democratic prasidential candidate. Infowars.Com paid, Clinton was often collapsed on the bean and have a hole in the tongue. Although your doctor has certified your good health, but it suffers from a subfunction of the shield drum and takes blood daring.

Your doctor also confirmed a pollen allergy, a thrombosis in 1998 and 2009, an elbow fracture and a brain cut after a stomach infection through which it was dehydrated and polluted, from which the right clinton opponents derive lasting damage. She does not take any drugs, does not smoke, is doing well and is physically active. She has a blood prere of 100/65 and no problems. Your doctor tells you in "excellent corpulum" and Fit for a prasid.

Everything is perfect

In the whole theater, Trump’s health status of December 2015 is ideal. His doctor Dr. Harold Bornstein, who has looked after him since 1980, before it was his father, insured immediately, Trump has no "serious medical problems". If some medical problems have been listed at Clinton, this certificate appears as a female wash. At his last investigation it has "positive results" given the laboratory "surprising".

He has taken blood prere of 110/65, in recent months and take daily only aspirin and statin. His strong and endurance are "fitful". There was only a single childhood surgery, an appendectomy, excellent is also his cardiovascular status. He never smoked or drunk alcohol. The last sentence over Trump is glorious: "If. Trump is chosen, I can not detect that he will be the most healthy person who has been chosen to preaside."

That’s pretty thick. Just stupid that the doctor has room in an interview now, he wrote down the certificate in just 5 minutes, because a driver already waited in a car drunk: "I thought about the whole day and in the end I had to hurry. I was feared when I had to hurry. So I tried to write three or four lines as soon as possible so that they are satisfied with it."

He had, he still fugged, words by Trump picked up and put them in his language. So he did not normally write attests, he said to the interviewer, "But for MR. Trump I wrote the certificate so". Apparently, Bornstein wants to settle from the certificate, which had already been pulled through the cocoa: "In the hurry, I believe, some of the words did not come out exactly how they were meant."

In fact, Trump had his doctor starring early December, he quickly one "Completely medical report" to ie his "perfection" shows. Bornstein truly strikes.

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