Mecklenburg-vorpommern: the afd makes the cdu competition

Surveys point to coarse losses on the left of the center, at the SPD and the left. Insa sees the AfD in front of the CDU

In the upcoming election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, according to surveys, it comes to a close competition between the CDU and the AFD. An INSA survey sees the AfD, which for the first time at the election to the Schwerin Landtag, with 23 percent even before the CDU, which came to 20 percent. This became a least strongest faction.

The survey was commissioned by the Cicero magazine, which the survey result as an acquiring "Political earthquake" rated. For the CDU it was a catastrophe, a meltdown, an existence crisis, "when right from her a party could establish a party at the state level, which is gross than her itself". Still, so pointed, it is noted, the constituency of the Chancellor in this state.

The survey of the ZDF politic barometer of the past Friday also sees little difference between the approval values for the CDU and the AFD. The CDU came here to 22 percent, the AFD to 21 percent. At the state election 2011, the CDU reached 23 percent. At that time, this was a loss of 5.8 percent. Now she was not losing so much.

Losses for SPD and LINKE in view

But the other parties. Both surveys mainly face the SPD stronger losses, but also the left and grunes had to expect voting losses. According to Insa and Politbarometer, the Government Party, according to Insa and Politbarometer, remained strongest power in the state parliament, but were far from their outcome of choice before five years away. At that time she scored 35.6 percent. In the two surveys it is 28 percent.

The left came to 18.4 percent in the 2011 state election. The INSA survey now sees her at 15 percent, the PolitBarometer only 13%. The success of the AFD was therefore also the left spectrum. Because the voting losses were most clearly.

The votes became the AFD to a good part of the SPD and left electioners and sometimes probably also those who have chosen at the last choice NPD. The Legal Party had made the move in the state parliament with 6 percent in 2011 for the second time in succession. This time she lies significantly under the 5 percentage in both pounds with 2% (INSA) and 3% (PolitBarometer).

Grununen were pleased to be 8.7 percent in 2011 because they had doubled the share of prospective call. Now they had to go, it goes after the surveys, with 6% beggar. The FDP probably does not make it into the Lander Parliament, according to both surveys.

At Insa she is equal to the NPD, the today-Politbarometer does not mention it. Four years ago, the liberals had lost dramatically on electives (more than two-thirds of their previous share of votes). Since then, they could obviously convey nothing to the electors.

Escape fringe less than 1 percent

However, survey results have often been released as little less lately. The blurred is quite high. Thus, a remarkable result, which the polit barometer is noted, that currently the survey is 42 percent (!) Not sure were who or what they should elect. The Cicero survey has not received the indefinite at all.

The impression of the commentary was the INSE result a good opportunity to vary from decidedly right-a-conservative side over a plaid of the Merkel Party. Whether the election becomes a collapse of the federal policy of the coalition coalition and the Chancellor, then on Sunday evening is spoken extensively.

In any case, the AFD has consistently contested its election campaign with a rather federal ie, with the escape policies, although the country of escape in the country is not particularly high. He is less than 1 percent.

We have 25.000 people recorded. But more than half have left us again and continued.

Erwin Sellering, Minister Prosident, SPD

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