Mass sungsman

From the perspective of the theory of allegedly fragmented society

150 million people will not go on a journey to watch the solar eclipse. The goods a phanomenon of "Mass culture" – And that does not exist in the postmoderne anymore. Maybe you drive to a conference on the postcolonial identity of lesbians.

There are no glasses for the solar eclipse to buy in the shops. Glasses for the solar eclipse are a mass product. Thanks to the internet and the new economy, however, there are no mass products.

There is almost no information about the solar eclipse in the media. The postmodern media are fragmented and varied. There are no real "Mass media" more.

Nobody will look at the solar eclipse in Romania. Under the dictatorship Ceausescus Romania was a mass society, in which millions of people made the same every day. Now, thanks to democracy and capitalism, all Rumanians are individuals with their own lifestyle.

That’s why poststructured cultural theory decided that in the fragmented world before the turn of the millennium, no more than three people will observe the solar eclipse. And at all, the "Solar eclipse" a structural-based dual contrast of light and darkness, which has been problematized and questioned by post-feminism.

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