Mars-rover perseverance: helicopter ingenuity is supervised the first night

Mars-Rover Perseverance: Helicopter Ingenuity is supervised the first night

The small helicopter Ingenuity has survived at the Mars also his first night salvation, in which he no longer has hung on the Rover Perseverance. This was announced by the US space agency NASA and again reminded that the temperatures at the site of the two devices can fall down to -90 degrees Celsius. As a result, electrical components could be damaged, including the batteries that hold the inguity functional. The Ingenuity nevertheless now also focused on the Mars, was another milestone on the way to the historical first flight over the Mars. This is still for the 11. April schedules.

Developing an airlines that is light enough to fly in the dun atmosphere of the Mars and still can survive the extreme conditions there, a significant challenge has been explaining the NASA. In addition, the Rover Perseverance had to quickly remove from the parked helicopter to capture the sunlight. Now you know that you have the right insulation, the correct heating elements and enough energy for the extreme cold night. The helicopter heats up to -5 degrees Celsius every morning and not the 7 degrees Celsius achieved by perseverance.

The time is running

Ingenuity had been brought to Mars from Perseverance and had hung on the Rover until he set him to the ground on the weekend and removed him. The small helicopter has only one task on the Mars, he is to carry out flight tests in the Dunnen atmosphere and show that flights are possible there. From several meters high, he should take pictures and if possible even several times. Overall, he has 30 Marstage (31 Earth Days) time before Perseverance should be backed up and dedicate himself to his actual mission. First of all, however, Ingenuity has to check the own systems and then develop his rotors. That’s for the 7. April schedules. Then follow further tests before the first flight then on 11. April should be undertaken.

(Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

The helicopter flight is belonging to the mission of the Rovers Perseverance, the 18. February landed on the Mars. There he stands now in the Jezero crater at the end of a mutandably dried up former riverbed. According to the flight tests of Ingenuity, he is said to be on the way to the way and make a simple life of a former life. For this he has different instruments on board and overall the mission builds on the process of Curiosity, which is also active on the red planet. But perseverance should also collect soil samples and deposit in special retainers on the surface. In a few years, those in a conceptual mission should be collected and the first samples are brought to earth, where they can still be examined much more accurately.

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