Market researcher: iphone se 2020 does its job

The iPhone year usually only gets really exciting in the fall, but in 2020 Apple also launched a fresh smartphone in the spring with the new iPhone SE. The revised model does not feature a new design or any major technical highlights – the casing is still from the iPhone 8, the SoC is from the iPhone 11. Nevertheless, this in combination with a good price seems to go down well with the user base. This is what the market researchers from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report in their latest analysis.

Price and improved innards

Buyers were asked about their motivation to buy the SE 2020. At the time of the study, this was 19 percent of all iPhone buyers, although the SE 2020 was only released in April. In the U.S., you pay 400 U.S. dollars for the device – less than for the XR from 2018.

Switching from old devices

According to CIRP, most customers switched from older iPhones. These were often tired and dusty. 73 percent of respondents had an Apple phone that was more than three years old. "Every couple of years, Apple comes out with a new, more advanced iPhone, and then collects the customers of older iPhones", says CIRP partner Mike Levin. That was successful with the iPhone SE 2020, he said.

Android switch rather not?

Owners of iPhone 5, 6 or 7 had switched preferentially. Less good for Apple: Compared to other iPhone models, users came more frequently from the iOS ecosystem. So whether the 2020 iPhone SE was able to lure many Android users over remains unclear. According to the CIRP survey, only 9 percent switched from Android to the SE 2020; other iPhones were more popular at 16 percent. Apple itself does not publish any figures on the distribution of its device sales, meanwhile no unit numbers are published either.

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