“It should be punished to measure the odds of the public law”

Jorg Gastmann over policy broadcasts and participation in the ZDF casting show "I can chancellor!"

Year of a year ago, Jorg Gastemann presented his ideas in the Telepolis interview for "Bandwidth model" and for dismanting the parties. Now he wants with this topic at the ZDF show I can chancellor! take part.

Mr. Gospel, you just do the ZDF CastingShow I can chancellor! with. I did not know that it still exists. Does that look like that? Jorg Gastmann: At the first show 2009 saw approx. 2.7 million. People too. Since the program was more likely to receive maby reviews, ZDF wanted to avoid conceptual mistakes of the first shipment. Let’s see how many people on the 1. Turn on May at 10 pm 15 – A fairly unchanged transceiver. The how many season is that then? Jorg Gastmann: The second. Where it is not a season, but a single broadcast. Anyone who applies in a music or model capting show that is already considered burned for a real career in these areas. See that in politicians? Jorg Gastmann: It depends on how to occur and what you say. I do not really strive for a political career. Therefore, after 2 years, I went as Federal Chairman of a small social liberal party from this. The problem is just that it is as good as impossible to move rough / opportunity-rich parties. So you have to do it yourself. at "I can chancellor" However, I am associated a misunderstanding. I thought it was an ideas competition. So they had not seen the first show? Jorg Gastmann: no. I knew it was that she gave, and was asked (as this time) to attend it, but I was not allowed to be the age limit of 35 years. Due to the age limit and the youth cult of youth, I kept it excluded that people without life experience were considered / interesting ideas. And so it came too. The Suddeutsche Zeitung wrote from a "Evening full of floors" and "Germanys Next Top Schandber". Even in the backlog video of ZDF I could not see an interesting idea, but only a competition for persons and their feelings to sell well. We already become from "Used cars for sale" ruled. But still they do not say the participation? Jorg Gastmann: As I said: It was a misunderstanding. I thought it was an ideas competition. I stepped with 23 (in words: twenty-six) revolutions in front of the jury and had 1 minute time, mine "Idea for Germany" to "Selling. Among my revolutions, things like the subordination of the economy are among all people with the bandwidth model and Z. B. To deficit the parties. But how to say marketing people: Any Publicity is Good Publicity. I’m concerned with the communication of my ideas to the public. Then I take a format in which I do not actually do not put into it,. Where it also has its charm not to fit in. Imagine the audience elects me as 5. Finalists in the show. But the ZDF had a problem. How to present complex ideas without causing the audience? Are talk shows like Jauch Also nothing but casting shows for adults? Jorg Gastmann: I do not know that. I have seen only the first 20 minutes from Mr Jauch’s broadcast when he had the Chancellor, and found what Urban Priol "Farm borrowing" calls so little appealing that I never saw the program again. Also Maybrit Illner, the yes "I can chancellor" Jurorin, I have seen earlier every week. Since a year, I have only been watching in the hostelist and topics in teletext and no longer watch, because I do not want to say the eternal people the eternally equal things horns. Or do we take people at Maischberger. Their editorial manager Michael Spreng was also "I can chancellor"-Juror and is the one who invites guests, such as Z. B. Shunt Carsten Maschmeyer. Everywhere lacks the courage to invite the outdoor ladder and really risk new ideas. In the talk shows, in fact, people sitting, which have been added more their media primal primal as that they had something to say. What is missing, from the point of view of the spectators can also be in the word "Knowledge gain" sum up. Instead, the same people can repeat infinitely often in the talk shows. I do not understand. In your opinion, this also applies to Marina Weisband? Jorg Gastmann: Mrs. Weisband I only saw twice and can not judge that, but I found her refreshingly, idealistic and interesting. If I had seen her twenty times, I probably had a different opinion. In any case, she is a bright spot in the talk show scene. My favorites as talk show-guests were u.a. Volker Pispers and Georg Schramm, which can analyze brilliant and understand the art, to communicate the absurditat of politics so entertaining that the spectators also belong to and – which is more important – thinking. At least a little bit, for a short time, until the gray everyday life oversuces everything again. Jorg Gastmann already says the grammar of the title "I can chancellor!" something about where ZDF wants to go with the program? And how could better policy broadcasts look like? Like the old International Fruhschoppen with Werner Hofer? Like the shows by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Or more like Fox News? Jorg Gastmann: Fox News is an involuntary real reation. I think Jon Stewart big. On Fritz Kreibgen, the early WDR artists and moderator of the successor of the Fruhschoppen, the ARD press club, I sent a copy of my first book in 2006 with the request to discuss new ideas. I received a court answer that the ARD press club (meaningful) "No forum for new ideas is". That "Press club in demand" The spectators always accuse the journalists (apart from exceptions such as Peter Zusdeick), they were always discussed the same things mostly without no effect, interested rather not. "I can chancellor" is grammatically a presence of example for "Marketing has prioritat in front of style and education", But I also understand that a title has to provoke to be perceived in the rice-flooded world. I also understand very well the dilemma of the editors: either they make sophisticated television. Then the emergency payer (cheered and manipulated by private media) accuse them to achieve low odds. Or you fulfill the listing room desire for high quotas. Then do not threaten the viewers through content that you have to think. A real Zwickmuhle. To the question of how better policy broadcasts could look: public television is indirectly controlled by government parties. They have no interest in politically educated, critical and murdy burgers. So it took a power of a new one "Party for dismantning the parties", which then (see our interview of January 2011) was destroyed by itself. Then the public law had almost free train. Missing only the exemption from the quota prere. It should be punished to measure the odds of the public law and let them over competition with the private. Result Ware a mixture of 3sat and species. I fished bigger. But is probably not majority, because the emergency payer entertainment wants to transmit broadcasters. Oh yes, and a concrete answer after a better policy broadcast: Invite static unknown guest. Stately discuss new ideas, with sufficient time to go to the depth. And fewer professors invite, fewer politicians, more outer panels and lateral thinkers. What do you judge: How many ZDF viewers will have understood their bandwidth model after the ego-can chancellor’s program? Jorg Gastmann: Probably: no one, because I do not expect it with me, chancellor can do the first place. Probably Susanne Wiest will win with the BGE – Ubgers a refreshing power and career disinterested woman. If I got the most votes in voting, the ZDF had a real problem: how do you bring a complex overall solution (because the bandwidth model is not just about the elimination of unemployment and low tempering, but about all problems of the "Prere". I talked about the jury casting with the editor-in-chief of the broadcast, and he said, my concept was rather a topic for a completely different kind of broadcast. I was on 1.5. at "I can chancellor" For example, I became in the discipline "hold a discourse" No single roskel on, but use every second to explain how I can loose the mentioned problems. I check that I had a maximum of a minute. That’s enough to curiosity on the website bandwidth model.dew. From about 2 to 3 million. Viewers may think 1 percent: "Makes sense. I’ll take a look at that." These were about 20.000 people who "Level 2 of the revolution" could be used by using it. The Occupy movement finally had something, for that she could be, instead of always against it. My goal at "I can chancellor" is it to plant a germ of thinking. My dream was not a political career, but to advise parties around the world in the implementation.

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