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Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro Feeds the Japanese people with his electronic ego

Japan has again a reason to celebrate: According to Tamagotchi and I-fashion, the new Prime Minister highly delivers the ultimate update in terms of self-stilization via gadget consumption. Since Thursday, the not only as Populist sends reformer a personal newsletter to millions of Japanese burger.

After taking office April of this year, the rapporteur with portraits of Koizumi, which mainly celebrated his personal style celebrated. "His Free Market Thinking Gives Him The Air of A Rebel", wrote the Wall Street Journal. He was even described as radical because he wants to catapult himself from the office if he did not succeed in the Japanese party landscape completely. His slogan: changed the LDP, transforms Japan. Observers also know that the confessing heavy-metal fan is not only a devoted driver, but also a famous self-actor, one who knows how to sit in scene.

Koizumi, a man with style and fingerpit gun for the crowd (Tokyo, 15.06.2001)

The coarse and lean politician has been attached for years to be different than his colleagues and falls u.a. by standing up, which are always a little lighter than that of the other politicians. But what is repeatedly highlighted: The 59-year-old has held the advice of his hairdress for 20 years. However, not only in questions of the hair trim, which he has recurred with a permanent wave. The hairstyle is also as an intimate consultant to the side, who already had a few years ago that it becomes in Japan, as in America, "where look and image decide a choice." And although Koizumis looks like in the media benevolent with that of Beethoven or from Popstars, he had to accept some jerking, but always showed itself confident and confident: the time will eventually be ripe for him someday. Now it is the internet!

Since Thursday, the Dandy Mails sends to his people, more precisely the personal e-mail magazine Lion Heart. Almost 800,000, according to a Reuters report, received the first ie. Over 200,000 more users, the political organ should have subscribed the same evening. A complete success for the newcomer, whose explained goal is to integrate politics into everyday life of his compatriots. Something that the Japan has improved bitterly: alone the non-constant scandals and the associated continuous change in the government tip (to compare attractive with Italy), the Japanese people are increasingly leaving the political events. Elections one remains easy, politicians are considered corrupt and not trustwurried. Whether the image of politics in Japan will change with Koizumi remains questionable. Sure is already, that be Image is supplied by the project in the Cyberspace with new fuel. To quote Thomas Raab:

The new communication media and the increasing functioning of the mass media as lobbying platforms with simultaneous negligence of the reporting function have already sustainable and mostly changed without knowledge at these information rivers. E-mail is the paradigm communication medium for this process. Also there can be understood as a brand, too, and especially the good, political correctness, nihilism, religion, etc. The unwilling dandy instinctively understands that the intermittent quote or the suggestive coverage is the best self-promotion, one can rely on the imagination and projection performance of the receivers.

In the first edition of Lion Heart Koizumi answers the question in the electronic subject design on how it is at the top of the nation: "It’s like a bird in the coffee." If nothing should live… Anyway, the anticipation of Koizumis writing style is immeasurable among readers of the Lion Heart Magazine.

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