In the beginning was the sport

In the beginning was the sport

Neuss, 27. October 2014 – Now Yamaha also discovers his heart for the athletic beginner class. After the second-gray motorcycle manufacturer in recent years had weakened at least in the German market, he now gives full throttle. With the two bestsellers MT-07 and MT-09, the brand with the three crossed tuning forks laid a point landing, because the two Naked bikes sell themselves great. But in the EU, the step driver’s license is limited for newcomers over 18 years to 35 kW (48 hp). Of course you can chop many models with coarse displacement accordingly, but the artificially castrated engines often run unwillish and some towing a weight between four and five centers with them. The lane remains there on the track.

The R3 comes spat

In the process, initiators wanted a slim bike with a harmonious power development from an unrestrained engine. Exactly in the Lucke Stach Kawasaki already in 2008 with the Ninja 250. She was rapidly sold out to the chelis of the manufacturer in Europe and so imported stucco numbers rose significantly for the EU market. Honda moved to the CBR250R three years later. Both manufacturers rushed the displacement room to just under 300 cm3. KTM sent the RC 390 to the race at the beginning of the year – with 373 cm3 and 44 hp so far the place deer.

From the cake Yamaha now wants to depend on the YZF-R3 a not too tightly stucco. She came completely surprisingly and was not presented at the Intermot. Obviously, Yamaha did not want to wait for the EICMA beginning of November to present her.

Complete new construction

The R3 is a complete new construction. Alone this fact proves how important the small sports biking market has become manufacturer. Already purely visually the R3 has the stuff for sales success, she looks like a small edition of the Superbikes R1. A sleek solid cladding, a scarce tail and a slim waist make you fast in the stand. The Laie was allowed to suspect more PS in her than the actual 42. Nevertheless, hardly a beginner will be destroyed by the performance: their acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is around six seconds, the highest speed at about 170 km / h. Your gross advantage will be the good-to-good controlability, just weighs only 169 kilograms at full 14-liter tank. The weight must not be lower, it must bring them to the scales according to the A2 driver’s certificates without gasoline at least fun kilograms per kW. That was 154.5 kilograms – a limit that she was almost allowed to reach the feed.

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