Identities: “gross exchange” at the end?

Identities:'grober austausch' am ende?

The identity movement in Austria is located because of the Christchurch attack in Kalamitaten, a picture assembly of Martin Sellner gives to think

The Easter Rich Police and the Federal Office for Future Protection and Terrorism Faculation searched the apartment Martin Sellner, spokesman for the identilaurs in German-speaking countries. Viennese politics discusses a resolution of the association. Sellner complains a lack of support of patriots.

The identity movement in Austria (IBO) is in some calamitats. The most of the current events is a donation over 1500 euros, which Sellner received in early 2018. As a sender she carries the name of the man who is accused of 15. Marz to have fed the assassination to two mosques in New Zealandian Christchurch; There is little doubt that it is one and the same person. The Public Prosecutor’s Office took this as an opportunity to open a procedure for suspicion of participation in a terrorist union against Sellner. On the 25th. Marz was searched by his Viennese apartment; All data carriers were confiscated.

Uberdies became known that the muteading tatter of Christchurch, an Australian Nazi, traveled to Europe at the end of last year. On his route by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, he also attended Austria twice. The suspicion has so far unexpected, but rightly obvious that he was looking for a conversation with like-minded people and could possibly blush contacts – even in the Alpen Republic.

Osterreich’s Chancellor short (OVP) therefore demanded the detection of "Makes in the background", Vice-Chancellor Strache and Interior Minister Kickl (both FPOs) promised to clarify all connections of the Australian to Easter Rich Luckless. Sellner stops the investigation against his person for "completely carried out"; The disbursable debate on a resolution of the identities is incompatible with a constitutional state. From the liberal of the FPO he is particularly destroyed.

He has not ancestors that the unknown donor prepared an assassination; That’s why he sent him a thank you like any other benefit. He did not do anything with the man, ares Sellner and aubert even the amption that "unbearable high" and thus striking donation has been tackled in the intention, him and the identiterren "pull in the matter".

However, an ideological connection between the assassination in New Zealand and the identiterren can not be ignited. Immediately before he started his massacre, with whom he shot 50 people, including women and children, the TATTER put a so-called manifest in the net, for which he is the title "The Great Replacement" rose, in German translation "The coarse exchange". That’s just the core stucco of the Identary Propaganda.

The identtes see Austria, Germany and Europe "invasion" Examination of nearby and African migrants. Since these families had a high birth rate than European families, the population in Europe will be completely different in the foreseeable future. Of the "gross exchange" Be in the hallway and will deliberately promoted by Angela Merkel and her gonnel for reasons of some private benefit. This construction of an allegedly worldwide action shared the Morder of Christchurch, which sat down accordingly Mrs Merkel to the top of his mortal faucets. The tranquil New Zealand he turned out as a crime scene to demonstrate that migrants did not even have a perspective there.

For their justification, the Identisten were able to obey that they can not be detained if a madman in Down under the "gross exchange" mean. But this term actually has a violent connotation. Firstly, he is by the HetzerischeUtigung, escape bits did not come to Europe because they do not see a different way to escape war, violence and emergency, but they came with the dignified dessert, Europe "turn around". The escape is treated by the identiterren as a non-explained war of the Suden against the north. This alleged state of war is, secondly, a justification for own military acts, especially since the European governments in this mad picture are part of the enemy conspiracy.

If there are identities that are not a Nazis after sincere proprietary conviction, the terrible events from Christchurch gives them a great serious reason to critically interaction their previous choice and their previous politics. Sellner is far away. He argues vice versa: because society is too little (?!) on the "gross exchange" Debating, so-called desperate camps have been on their own. The identiterres are an offer too "Peaceful resistance", But if you discriminate or ban this offer, you can not surprise yourself about an increase in terrorism.

Such opener announcements are popular with rights over the land boundaries: now Trump or burger war, now Brexit or burger war, now AFD or popular uprising, march on Berlin, day X. The warnings go into threats over and the threats on those who expellect them, often significantly fascinating.

You have to remember that, for example, you visit Sellners Twitter page. There he has mounted a picture that shows the view from the background of an airplane cockpit on the jerk of two pilots and from there through the cockpit slices. The plane flies in low high the skyline of the Hochhauser of a coarse town.

Identities:'grober austausch' am ende?

What does Sellner say which message should send the assembly? Is it a scene from a science fiction movie? A computer game similar to the Microsoft Flight Simulator? The identity likes to demonstrate his enthusiasm for technology and digitization?

It is clear how a user from New York or from Frankfurt or from another air traffic-packaged city was reacted to the graphic. Aircraft on such a position and in such a high were immediately exclusive alarm. That’s what the picture explores an association to 9/11.

That is not mandatory, but possibly possible. Who she has fallen on that the futuristic pilots do not remember Mohammed Atta and his crumons of 2001. They are more of the robotic warrior batch, with which the Mords of Utoya and Christchurch staged himself.

Sellner certainly did not want that. He has certainly meant this picture very harmless and non-violent. Given the complicated blankness in which he is currently, and the many "Misunderstandings" But it was urgently advised for his person to elect another design.

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