“I love twitter – sometimes too much”: trump regrets some of his tweets

US Prassident Donald Trump regrets some of his controversy tweets and Retweets. Trump told the founder of the website Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, in a relevant interview on Friday to a corresponding question, it is "too often", that he wake up and think he had rather not spreading on Twitter. "Fruher wrote a letter and said: "This letter is really bad". And you put it on the desk, started the next day and said: "Oh, I’m glad I did not send it"."

"Feels biggig until the calls come"

Trump continued in the video: "But we do not do that at Twitter." Instead you unfortunate things there immediately. Then you feel big, until the calls came with the question, whether you really said that. "I say: "What’s wrong with it?", And you find many things." Trump felled: "It’s not the tweets, it’s the Retweets that bring one into trouble." When asked if he love Twitter, the Prasident said: "There are times, I love it. Sometimes too much." Trump follow on Twitter 84 million users.

Trump said Twitter lends him a powerful voice and be very important for him. His Twitter account @Raldonaldtrump is his and will be under the officer after his departure. He did not know if he would still use him. Trump applies in the election in November for a second term of office. Twitter has been the most important communication platform of the Prasident for years. His tweets and retewets always ensure controversy.

In the twist with Twitter because of warning

For example, Trump was criticized at the end of last month when he returned a video from Florida, in which one of his supports "White Power" shouted – in contrast to "Black Power"-Movement against discrimination against black. To do this was Trump "big people" written. He’ll give the tweet again. The female house shared with, Trump did not believe the saying, but only perceived the enthusiasm of his appendine.

Twitter had provided a warning at the protests against racism and police force as a result of the death of the African American Georg Floyd in Minneapolis at the end of May, because the contribution against the prohibition of violent supervision in the service. Trump had written in the tweet to the riots in Minneapolis: "When pliers start, is shot" – "When The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts".

The warning disclosed so much to the prasident that he signed a decree, according to which social media should refrain from factual fractions and own restrictions in the user contribution.

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