Hydrogen projects in bavaria are being challenged to the tune of one billion euros

Hydrogen projects in bavaria are being challenged to the tune of one billion euros

With about one billion euros, federal and state governments push six Bavarian hydrogen projects. Together with money from the companies involved, this resulted in an investment market of two billion euros, said Minister President Markus Soder (CSU) after a meeting with Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) and business representatives. The goal is to enable green growth with modern technology, Soder said. "Gruner hydrogen is a great opportunity for Bavaria, but also for Germany as a whole." Eight billion euros will be distributed to 62 projects nationwide to promote hydrogen technology. In the money used in Bavaria, about 700 million euros come from the federal government and 300 million from the Free State of Bavaria.

Altmaier emphasized the importance of hydrogen technology for the energy transition. Hydrogen is the missing link in the chain for the most important. Gruner Hydrogen can be produced worldwide where conditions are favorable and consumed where it is needed, it said. Among other things, plants for hydrogen production with a capacity of 145 megawatts were created, Altmaier said. He said he was convinced that investors from all over the world would come to see – and then hopefully order – them. The secure jobs.

Criticism from the opposition

Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger (Freie Wahler) also praised the initiative. It will take a few years to realize how important it is. Hydrogen is climate protection and job protection at the same time. The companies involved include BMW, Bosch, Siemens Energy and Wacker Chemie, among others. The Bavarian opposition, on the other hand, demanded further steps. SPD faction leader Florian von Brunn, for example, criticized the fact that the 10-H rule is still slowing down the expansion of wind power. "If industry is to become climate-neutral, a climate-neutral energy supply and hydrogen production must be ensured. Bavaria is light years away from this under Soder", he said.

Priority areas for wind power and more photovoltaics

The parliamentary group leader of the Grunen, Ludwig Hartmann, sees the use of hydrogen in the industry positively, stressed however also: "Hydrogen does not grow out of itself." Therefore priority areas for wind power and more photovoltaics are needed. "Only then will the value chain close and the entire economic potential unfold in Bavaria." For the hydrogen economy, Soder also considers an expansion of renewable energies in Bavaria to be necessary. But it will also be necessary to transport electricity to Bavaria. For this one needs tensile power lines.

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