Help for bush

Unity was demonstrated on the Iraq conference organized by the USA and the EU

Two years ago, it had hardly been kept it possible for the US and the EU to be invited to a conference on Iraq. Finally, the dispute over the Iraq policy did not just conduct the conflict with the United States, but also produced briefing within the EU itself. Of the past Wednesday at the Iraq conference in Brussel, at least after dubs was nothing more to traces. Representatives of 85 states and numerous international organizations like the UN participated.

Help for Bush

US Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice and the Luxembourg Deer Minister Jean Asselborn during the conference on 22.6.. Photo: European advice

The critics of the Iraq war seemingly resigned with the realities. This signal from Brussel is a success of Prasident Bush. Finally, in recent months, criticism of its Iraq policy in the USA again increased significantly. Bush can no longer be chosen and is therefore no longer dependent on such moods directly.

However, many senators of his party want to choose from. You can not ignore the critical mood. So it happens that even explanations of Iraq war explanation is now at a distance. Even demands for a schedule for the deduction of US troops. The US administration has so far irrelderly refused to address these demands because it could be understood by the Iraqi substrate as the first sign of the weak. This in turn could still increase the number of subsequent. It is especially the continued underground war, which in the main Iraqis, but again and again US soldiers fall to the victim who led to the war critical mood in the US.

Now the US administration can point out that you have worldwide support for your policy, if only verbal. There was no lack of words and declarations of will in the Belgian capital. UN General Secretar Annan, who did not pay even as war advice, explained that the world will not abandon Iraq. But who is meant by this? In Brussel clearly the Iraqi government, who hoped for a non-political enhancement by Brussel and received. US Foreign Minister also threatened Syria, especially Syria "Actions", If the country does not border its boundaries.

Help for Bush

US Marines at Operation Spear in Karabilah. Photo: Pentagon

No role played at the conference of the simultaneously of numerous Iraqi aid organizations launched auxiliary applicable. They call for the posting of an international delegation in the city of Karabilah located on the border with Syria. There, US soldiers have just started an offensive against Iraqi rebellions. According to the auxiliary organizations, a coarse part of the civil avalanche is also affected by the action. The "Iraqi population" under the label is meant completely different actors, is obvious. Actually, international organizations always see a chance to operate their own interest policies with mediation amenities.

But in Brussel was largely renounced. All groups, which refuse violence, were invited to participate in the redesign of Iraq. Soldiers of any origin, of course, do not fall under these violent concept. Your deduction is not the debate. This made it clear in Brussel that at least one has accepted the status quo. The reason for this attitude, especially in the countries, who declined the war two years ago, are varied. The EU crisis also contributes to how the wish of many states to come into business with Iraq. But that’s not possible in this case without the consent of the US.

Also, the desire of the US government to delete the Old debts of Iraq was recorded in agreement. Certainly the most creders is clear that they can be their demands as well as write off. On the other hand, the big resistance had been expected here. Finally, the debt question is also a stage in the dispute over the supremacy between the EU and the USA. Since the US has long had no more economic relations with Iraq, European countries had to renounce old obligations.

The argumentation of the Bush government, from the money did not benefit the Iraqi population but only the power clique around Saddam Hussein, is certainly right and could get a special explosive power. Finally, there are governments in many parts of the world that are still confronted with the debts of their dictatorial transactions.

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