Hat merkel cried?

Has Merkel cried?

Loud "German economic news" should the photo, on the Obama Merkel – comforting? – After the session takes in the arm, in the sake of seeds, a long time had been performed as a trophical. Image: Pete Souza / White House

About the G20 summit in the fall of 2011 in Cannes, who also the "Euro rescue" On the topic, is now more like, better said: Intimeres became known. At that time it should "high" have gone, whereby tranes should have been shed

The representatives of the G-20 countries expected many different topics in Cannes: from the financial market regulation on trading surplus and the reform of the International Fund (IMF) to the future new organization of the G20 countries and their own organization. Because of the envision of the Greek Ministerial President Giorgos Papandreou, a referendum on the new rescue package and the savings of the highly indebted Greece, found on 2. November, in the run-up to the G20 summit, a special meeting of the European states and their political guides.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to have been urged by other participants in the conference at this meeting of the G-20 countries, together with the other Europeans who "Special draw rights" the Federal Republic of Germany and the other European states in the IMF as security. US Prassident Obama, who had taken the management of the session to implement the euro rescue, the Chancellor should have asked how the US has a one "Brandy" from taxpayers to build the euro. Angela Merkel is said to have refused this with the reference to the Veto of the German Bundesbank and its President, Jens Weidmann.

According to a report of the Financial Times, Merkel should be broken out in Tranene. "I do not bring me around", Did Merkel said how participants had reported the newspaper conference: "That’s not fair. I can not decide against the Bundesbank. I can not do this."

What was there in this meeting? Under the impression of the Greek debt crisis and the associated impact on the global economy, the stabilization of the global economic and financial system on the G20 summit continued to prioritat. On the one hand, it was about Greece, but also around Spain and Italy. Like the DWN, Greece was asked. Sarkozy and the others "Stateman and women" By doing through that no referendum in Greece is carried out on the rescue package, as this demanded Minister Prosident Papandreou (Quo Vadis Graecia?To). The installation of a transitional government has been passed along, the candidate for the office of the Minister President was the former central banker Lucas Papademos. This plan of change of government was successful from the view of the coarse euro states: Papandreou had to take his hat and Papademos was hired to office.

For Italy, the IMF should provide 80 billion to aid, in return Italy had to let the Troika in the country. This could be averted by Berlusconi, instead, the former Goldman-Sachs Banker Mario Monti came to Rome (governed in Goldman Sachs in Italy?To).

In this context, it should then be about the special driving rights. Obama demanded to be committed to what Merkel said with the words quoted above, because Italy should not bring about consideration – meant that to leave the Troika into the country. Finally, the US and France had stained because Obama and Sarkozy had probably become clear that they had gone too far. A decision in this matter was postponed in the next morning, but at which in this matter but nothing more.

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