Harder as a air shape

Harder as a air shape

The most agypal side of the Rafah transition. Image: amr emam / irin

The overthrow in Egypt has achieved what has no war made: he brought the Hamas to the edge of the accuracy

The boundaries are closed, they are strictly guarded on the more evil side. The smuggling tunnels are largely destroyed. Thus, the Gaza Strip is now full of deliveries from Israel departing, while the displeasure of the population is increasing: from gas to building material – it is missing at almost everything, and what is available is now priceless expensive. A situation that has sparked desires elsewhere.

When in Cairo hundreds of thousands of repeated times celebrating the deposition of Prasident Mohammad Mursi by the militar, there is a mood printed in Gaza. "People are scared; Every woman, what will happen if the new government in Eptps let us down", Tell a contact in Gaza City briefly on the phone. Then he has to go. Nobody woman, when the next power failure comes, and how long he will take when he comes. The mobile phone battery should last as long as it is somehow.

Gasoline, ol, gas, flour, rice, meat anyway, as good as anything in Gaza to supply people is imported from the neighboring states – so Israel. And from Egypt.

The situation is still a bit more complicated when they already seem at first glance anyway: whether goods are delivered and good according to Gaza, does not depend on whether the limits are open. You must also be paid. And this is currently a huge problem for the government made by Hamas.

In a stamp summarized, the system so far worked like this: The Hamas government receives financing aids from abroad, especially from Iran, and, in a limited extent, from Qatar. With this money, they paid supplies from abroad and mainly due to Egypt in order to use the long period of gentlers and even partially subsidized prices since the remission of Mursis. In addition, this would have hoped to be less dependent on Israel, which has since the war last November the blockade as agreed largely canceled, but many were only in limited extent and sometimes not exports.

Sealing money sources, Hamas and Mursi

Now, in the course of the past few months, prices in Egypt have risen massively, and the suppliers still wormed a bit, during the same time the guided in Tehran had an abrupt change of course completed: the financing aids were suddenly reduced, without investigating, at half have been reduced , some time ago a spokesman of de facto government leader ismail Hanijeh. The probable reason: Hamas had placed on the side of the rebels in Syria.

After the election Hassan Rohanis on the new Iranian prasident, however, the payments whose high is not mentioned, but against the background that Lebanese contacts also report on a reduction in support for Hezbollah is a good sign for that that the Iranian head of state for Ajatollah Ali Khameni sees the new prasident as a pioneer for a change of course in the sub-policy.

And so almost the entire Hamas went after the change of power in Cairo on diving station and stayed until recently. The last words of the guided in Gaza were, builds that Mursi retain the upper hand, which puffed protests, the supply line was left open.

For more than a week, the Hamas tip watched from a unknown place, as absolutely everything broke together, what to build on its own statement: Mursi, who repeatedly as "partner" and "good friend" was designated, in the truest sense of the word from the picture surface.

His place took a construct of a politically inexperienced string of the freight, from which only hours had been given to hours before, and a general rack and defense minister, who was allowed to be the real new strong man in Cairo. A strong man who has repeatedly expressed in the past, that he is neither FUR Muslim Brother nor Hamas Positive Vibrations.

Border security

And which also expressed that, even hours before the overthrow, at the border with the Gaza Strip, everything to Militar was pulled together, which gives the peace treaty with Israel (in the contract, significant restrictions on militarprasence are set on the Sinai Peninsula), and even a little bit more, as observers reported on site quickly. Israel’s government then explained that was said.

In the morning after the deposition of Mursis, the number of entry permits for Gaza Palastinians from 1200 was halved to 600 and then the size of Rafah after a summary of the militar with struggle, completely closed. Egypt’s Militar buried this with the Hamas camphor on the Sinai Peninsula (Sinai: the next Talibanistan?) have sent to support the Mursi commutations; The Hamas, however, denies that: you do not mix yourself in the internal affairs of other countries.

Only on the first Friday in the Ramadan, the de facto government leader Ismail Hanijeh then showed up again for a short time and love to explain his speaker, one was "With several European governments in conversation". Exercises that are generally evaluated as an attempt to engage their own publicity. Because this crisis has managed what Israeli air raids and blockages in the past could not be able to create: it has raised the population against Hamas.

The destruction of the supply tunnel

One raises the guided failure, and the louder than ever before. Because: Although the boundaries were beaten after the gaza war last November, though, though, but at the same time, Hamas has not only accepted that Egypt’s militar destroyed the smuggling tunnel, she even wanted it. Because although these tunnels had been an enormous supply line at times of the blockade, but lately the government had seen them as a threat to their power.

For, on the one hand, it allows the border official of the Hamas, officially to take over forces and severance payments. On the other hand, in Gaza there is a variety of small and smallest armed groups, which are entitled to a significant part with Hamas, and from their de facto police can only be kept under control with Arger Muhe.

Through the tunnels, especially weapons, even heavy weapons, and explosives had been introduced, which then managed that Hamas set a kind of border protection on his legs, which should prevent along the Israeli barrier fence that some of these groups the Hamas Press prere by starting a mini-intifada.

Hoppled hopes for the end of Hamas rule

In Ramallah, but also in Washington and Berlin, the crisis in Gaza has taken care of for joy. The message from the deposition Mohammad Mursis was only a few minutes old, as the Palastic government in Ramallah "The Egyptian people" congratulated; However, which did not originate in pure devotion for revolutionary tendencies – in fact, especially Prasident Mahmoud Abbas, which could also be awarded in Palastina, where Abbas ranks at the popularity scale at less than 0.1 Mursi. At the same time, however, he does not make a secret that he was buried such in Gaza. So says one of his speakers.

We hope that the people in Gaza now also make use of his self-determination right.

And Germany’s Development Minister even recognized one after a visit to Ramallah in developments "Rough chance for the peace process", And similar statements are also to Horen in the State Department in Washington. During Ramallah now that, when Hamas does not go, at least the negotiations become easier on a unit government, that Hamas of the Abbas’ Fatah Group survives the executive armchair, and even takes place on the edge, is now putting on the west that maybe even a complete jerse train of Hamas could be possible from the power possible.

However, it is unlikely that one or the other happens. Even if Hamas should be ready to abandon the government – their radical adversals were in no way accepting the conversion of the Fatah. In addition, in the course of recent years, the faction has almost completely lost both its structures and the jerking in the population. But the Hamas is not ready to jerk anyway. Because the statement, you have been in dialogue with European governments may have been designed for domestic. However, she is not entirely losing. It is one of the best-knitted non-secrets of the region that Hamas is actually talking to someone – with Israel.

Israel: Change of views of Hamas

Because different goods have not been possible that camphor the border fence took up to a few meters; And every good six weeks ago, both sides provided a public dispute over the distribution of severance payments to the Ubergangen to Israel – as if there was not a destructive war between the two before eight months before just eight months ago.

Employees of the Israeli Defense Ministry do not make a secret from the fact that the perspective has changed that one is now the view, a destabilization of Hamas was to instability and to a starting of the radical powered there; The fact that the Fatah takes the lead back, hardly anyone believes.

But how to solve the supply crisis of the population, nobody can answer. The palatinian autonomous deeds, under whose state of the Gaza strips officell still has still fallen, even if they had nothing to say there, was in the past surprised again and again to pay open invoices – but Ramallah is also bankrupt.

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