Greenpeace: amazon continues to destroy systematically new

Greenpeace: Amazon continues to destroy systematically new

The online handler Amazon disposes new goods that have not been sold over a period of time and apparently destroy them to save storage costs. These have shown research by Greenpeace, which had a staff in Amazon’s logistics camp in Lower Sachsian Winsen (Luhe). The recordings documented by the Greenpeace activist show that employees at eight workplaces, so-called "Destroy stations", Apparently, the appropriate sorting for disposal of the products.

Systematic destruction

The politics TV magazine panorama and the The time have reviewed the facts documented by Greenpeace. According to this, the overfuilation of the still useful goods in the mull is probably done systematically, as the department "apparently firm in the production process of the Winsener Center" It is integrated in a message from Panorama from Thursday.

Among other things, the products should have traded clothing, toys, bookers and electrical articles. Affected are mainly third-party goods, which are switched from Amazon employees from the original packaging and then separated according to disposal guidelines and to submit to the final destruction monthly to disposal companies.

For the products, it should be long-standing goods that were not sold and then cause long-term storage costs. To avoid this can third-party according to a price list, which is available from April 2021, pay a stop. Otherwise Konne one "Distance or disposal of the units requested" will.

According to Amazon, the annihilation of new goods concerns merely a thank you. Concrete information, how many it is, did not make the Group against Panorama. The products were "given for recycling or energy recovery". Apparently, they sometimes land in the mull burning and ultimately also on the landfill.

Missing legal regulations

The reform of the 2020 cycle industry law should actually prevent annihilation and exercise in the waste of still used guards. Companies therefore have a custody requirement that the usability of products will be preserved and they do not land in the mull. However, the implementation of the valued law fails to missing legal regulations. It does not even give a design yet.

The state of the Federal Health Department is working on it, but it lacks data, for example, how many were destroyed. Before adopting legal regulations, which offer possible loopholes, must first take a duty to transparency among companies, said a Ministry of Ministry Panorama and the Time. The regulations should mainly make rough corporations, for which an annihilation of the goods to the business model. Smaller and medium-sized enterprises should be less aim of the regulations.

Further destruction of new goods

The lack of legal regulations on the obligation of care with appropriate penalties ensure that Amazon can continue to destroy the destruction of new product. How Greenpeace announced it from Amazon but anyway aspirations to undermine the law before it can be used at all. Textiles should be made useless in advance and thus become the Altware before they were supplied disposal companies. Because it is important that only defective articles of disposal companies are picked up. According to Greenpeace, a test run should have taken place at Amazon last year, in which "Textiles with the scissors were destroyed".

It is unclear when the legal regulations are implemented by the Ministry of the Environment to prevent the destruction of useful genes. From the Federal Ministry of Environment it is said that the regulations did not come about in this legislative period. The transparency regulation required for this purpose is probably no longer launched before the end of the legislature period.

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