Gravitational waves: detectors find significantly more signals

Gravitational waves: Detectors find significantly more signals

The gravitational shaft detectors will find more and more signals and have registered an event in the third measuring phase in the past year every five days. The majority of mergers of two black punches.

This is apparent from the now published data to dozens so far not astrophysically arranged gravitational waves, which between the 1. April 2019 and the 1. October 2019 by the detectors LIGO and VIRGO were registered. In an accompanying publication, it is also evaluated to what extent the signals with general relativity. Accordingly, there are no evidence of a new physics.

More and more finds possible

Albert Einstein’s general relativeity theory shows that gravity is a property of the room that spreads with light speed. If comfortable body borper is extremely accelerated, according to the theory, they produce gravitational waves that deform the victory of the room – even with coarse masses but only minimal. To prove the outdoors small deformations of the room, it needs high-priced measuring insertions in a special arrangement. For some years, the detectors of the Ligo and Virgo collaboration have existed such devices and again and again find the traces of extreme events that trust such gravitational waves.

After some extra-occupational gravitational waves from the third measuring phase and the conclusions to their origin have already been made public, now the collected publication follows several data. Overall, now 50 gravitational waves are confirmed, the ubergrobe majority (39 a total of 39) in the third course of the quantities of mid-2019. The highly growing number of finds have their cause in rewards and improvements of the two LIGO detectors and the Virgo detector, explains Karsten Danzmann from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitationphysics. Not only were larger areas of heaven covered, also the processing and calibration of the raw data has been improved.

The most advanced signals were known

Most of the highly presented gravitational waves have their origin in already common mergers of two black punches, explain the researchers. But here too, the bandwidth of comparatively small objects rich to huge. Some signals are, however, beyond the merger of a black hole with a mysterious, significantly lighter object or the massive fusion. Overall, 26 of the gravitational waves have been discovered so quickly that public alarms were ied to make subsequent buildings. In seven other alarms, there has been found that there had been no gravitational waves. 13 Further events were only discovered in a subsequent analysis of the data.

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