Google promises more clarity for app developers

Google promises more clarity for app developers

Rules injuries detected by Google do not enjoy developer. Particularly threatening are account locks that can use years of investment in danger. What drives developers to the female glow are opaque undertakings. Too often remains unclear what exactly google the Android app arrives. This expectant problem would now tackle the company now. On his developer conference Google I / O praised better.

In developer accounts, there should be a simpler overview of the above-established clarification against regulations. Especially helpful: Google promises to refer exactly to the exact text of the text or the specific image that considers it problematic.

In addition, it should be apparent which provisions should be violated. In addition, developers receive the possibility to ask Google for renewed review, and to see the status of this request.

Warnings before Pohsen SDKs

Sometimes developers blind in the trap: not the result of their own work violated against the guidelines, but a building block of a third party used by them (Software Development Kit, SDK) is verpont. In such a case, a lock can make every app out of the blue, which the SDK has used.

Google has recognized the dilemma and know how to build closer relationships with SDK’s providers to get such problems at the root. At the same time Google places an extent to support developers in the selection of suitable SDKs. In addition, warnings before not rule-compliant SDK.

Chao Thế Giới

The Google I / O is the most important quintum conference of the Alphabet Group for Developers and other one interested. about three days, from Tuesday to Thursday (to Pacific Time Zone) this week, Google preserves insights into his tarpaulin for the coming months. It is the 13th. Edition of the event, but the first online held I / O. We owe the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year Google had to cancel the I / O even because of safe orientation was not thinking. This time, the company makes a virtue out of necessity: there is forward carrying out specifically to developers in other world regions and not only adapted their time zones, but also be kept in suitable languages. In addition, Vietnamese, Russian and Georgian.

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