German mild for jihadists

German mild for jihadists

Members of the female celebrations celebrate the intake of idlibs by Islamist militias (screenshot)

ATTENTIAL AMT LASSES INTROVED BUTTON OF THE "Female" Fuse from Jordan. Security concerns of secret service discarded. Open questions about security conversions

The surprising reception of a leading member of the Syrian organization "Female" In Germany at the beginning of these weeks, new questions raises the attitude of the Federal Government to the internationally controversial organization. Chalid Al-Saleh arrived on board a Bundeswehr transport engine A400M in Germany on Monday, writes the message magazine of the mirror in his online edition. Previously, inner workers had switched two and a half years against the admission of the activist after him in a safety examination "One close to an Islamist-jihadist worldview" was certified.

The survey became the "mirrors" According to representatives of catching protection in the escape lager al-ASRAK in Jordan. The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) have joined the drawing and a recording of the man and his family according to paragraph 22 of the residence law ("Admission from abroad from Volkerrechtsreichreisen or urgent humanitarian grounds") refused.

According to the law, the Ministry of the Interior has the last word in such recordings. The blockade of the CSU-guided resort has apparently liked a tangible quarrel between the BMI and the Aerial Office, which the "Female" Supported vehemently in recent years. In 2018, the organization was supported with at least 5.1 million euros, 2016 the Federal Government increased further claims of four to seven million euros.

Notwithstanding this declared support SAB Al-Saleh has been in Jordan since mid-July 2018. There he was and 97 comrades of the "Female" evacuated by Israeli special forces after they, their relief and combatants of Islamist militias in an area of QunaiTra Province in the Sudwest Syria of the Syrian Army. The Israeli command promotion was coordinated with Germany and other NATO countries.

Female, a political element of the West

Such a considerable support also states with the history of the private organization. the "Female", The officially called Syria Civil Defense, ie Syrian Civil Defense, were launched in 2012 with the Maxable Aid of the British Ministry of Aufs. A former British Army Officer (Femehelme Great Tot) coordinated the basic. The organization based in London and Istanbul was massively financed by the US agency USAID, from the German Aerial Office, Canada, Danemark, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Japan.

the "Female" Break radically with the humanitarian consensus, everywhere in a war area and for all actors help. They were from the beginning – and are – only in the areas under control of Islamist rebels active and strongly propagandist oriented (Syria: War propaganda in 21. Century). That they were close to terrorist owls ideologically and personnel, was repeatedly credited by the Syrian government and Russia. The Federal Government and, above all, the awarded office had always rejected appropriate premieges with an undertone of emport.

All the more uncomfortable Al-Saleh’s and his organization in political Berlin was the association of domestic intelligence, from the "mirrors" quoted. The representative of the "Penetration" had found telegram messages al-Saleh in a channel of the locked messenger service, the "Numerous crosslinks to succinct actors" show. In addition, be on his mobile phone "Jihadistic propaganda materials" found.

How the negative estimate of the catch protection has been discarded, remains unclear. An appropriate request from Telepolis love the Ministry of the Interior on Friday afternoon first unanswered. The fact is that other states are increasingly critical to the organization: the US denied the "Female"-Chef Raed Al-Saleh in April 2016 Entry and stopped – as the Netherlands – their payments.

Negative checks are concealed?

One of the central questions after recording Chalid Al-Saleh is therefore whether the initial concerns could be closed – or pushed on prere of the SERVICE OFFER. There are other serious indications.

In fact, far more of the representative of the representatives evacuated in July 2018 were able to "Female" Fallen for safety inspections. There are objectionable information from the Federal Government:

  • On the 24th.07.2018, a few days after the Israeli commando campaign, the Aerial Office explained to take a total of eight particularly harmed female and their family members;
  • Two months later, on the 24.09.2018 in the answers to a small request of the left group, the total number of evacuated persons to find refuge in Germany, "is not yet final;
  • On the 08.11.In 2018, BMI-Staatskretar Stephan Meyer said in the plenary of the Bundestag (question 21): "In the context of the admission procedure, reviews of the German security authorities were carried out in ten adults."

At this time, three "female helps" had already been flown out with their wives to Germany. Even if the now recorded Chalid Al-Saleh and his wife is expected to be the group mentioned by Meyer, there had been a further couple in the review, the Federal Government has so far not clearly uplowered. In no case was the arance of the sightseeing office at the end of September 2018 of the truth, the reception of the safety traversing flights was "approved by the management of the BMI".

With the reception Al-Saleh’s, the Federal Government now weights the sub-political support of radical opponents of the Syrian government stronger than the obligation to maintain public security. The irony of history is that the Aubenamt has enforced JUST in the week, in which the Minister of Interior of the Interior on an end of the general deportation stop has agreed to Syria. Thus, deportations of persons are possible, which horded politically motivated offenses, said the boss of the Innenminster Conference, Joachim Hermann.

So just, what the string protection Al-Saleh certified.

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