German dear last minute and aldi

The most common search terms in Internet search engines in 2002 also reflect the Zeitgeist again

The German husp times again from the series: During the UK, the National Television Station BBC The most demanded search term of the 55 billion searches to the Internet search engine Google last year was and in France the national railway company SNCF, so the German internet surfers gave actually Last minute as a common questionnaire in the search engine, followed by the low cost flight line Ryanair and Aldi.

The Germans have to save, not only because the economy is among the business, but also if they want to afford the cars, after which they have been looking for by Google, namely to BMW, Ferrari and Audi. Even for their parties, the Germans need their coal, they asked for Halloween fun times as often as the Spaniards, three times as much as the British and twice as often as the French. At least in the taste of the music, the Europe seems to be in agreement: Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears can be found on the top 10 most popular music stars and Celebrities – and the download of matching pictures.

One thing you are also international. Dragonball, a Japanese animation around the young Son Goku, is the most appreciated concept of 2002 both in 2002 and Lycos is already the search word of the year for Lycos for the second time. Even if the enthusiasm slowly suits, then Dragonball could place himself in 1st place 1 of Lycos search terms for 13 weeks. OUT is Pokemon (41 4th place), displeased from his successor Yu-Gi-Oh! (32). Final out are also Napster, Gnutella (370) and Audiogalaxy (74) – Kazaa has catapulted as a popular internet exchange for music, films and software in 2nd Lycos, according to 64th place in 2001, and sat down in the Christmas Tourned December in third place before Santa Claus. Less asked as last year September 11 (33), World Trade Center (30) and Osama Bin Laden (60).

Fubball World Cup and Iraq

Interesting also the peaks at national and international events. Thus, in January 2002, Internet surfers at Google was mostly searching for information on the euro, in February to the Olympic champions, in Marz to Oskarpreistragern Halle Berry and Jennifer Connely, in April, the French asked for Jean-Marie as part of their upcoming prasidal elections to Jean-Marie Le Pen and State President Jacques Chirac Just as the Netherlands of the Murder of the politician Pim Fortuyn in May interested in the elections, during the US, the premieres of Spiderman and Star Wars Episode II were the dominant addiction theme. On the other hand, in June, the Fubball World Cup worldwide was interesting worldwide as a large sports event, in July of the dispute over the Parsley Island between Spain and Morocco and of course the Tour de France, in August the historic flood in Germany, in September the memory of the 11. September 2001 and in October the hunt for the American hedge wear in Washington and surroundings. Personal suffering paths of (probably rather female) websurfers can be read on the web: so the search curve begins very high after the weight of Weighwatchers at the beginning of the year, and is slowly back at the end of January.

The most important news was the Fubball World Championship, followed by Iraq and the Snipers, in place 5 was followed by the flood. Paris, Canada and New York stood as travel destinations for Google viewfinder at the top.

The temporal shift of search queries for certain events can be removed from the search results. So the summer group of the year Las Ketchup in the US never came up to the legs, in May then the search queries in Spain shot up, in June the wave Italy and only early September reached Germany, the US and Great Britain.

Otherwise not much really surprising: As the most popular Mrs. International, Jennifer Lopez in front of Britney Spears and Shakira claimed, Eminem is still before Brad Pitt among the manners of the most vivid star, and Ferrari is the most wanted brand in the world before Sony, Nokia, Disney and Ikea. For 2003, filmhits were allowed to be one of the most popular words on the internet: the hot expected sequels such as Terminator 3 or Matrix Reloaded with the accelerated home actors. In addition, other international and national events will be the search queries that are not foreseeable. At least that now believes the coarse part of the Internet surfers, because the Prophet Nostradamus is – at least on Google – the relegated of the year (Nostradamus was the most wanted man of the year). ()

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