Future vision of the bmw designer: gina light

Future vision of the bmw designer: gina light

Munchen, 10. June 2008 – For ten years now, BMW Chief Designer has Christopher E. Bangle his employees towards new shores. With the 7 Series designed under his agide, which came to the market in 2001, the Americans of traditionally conscious customers in front of their heads, but at the latest with the Z4, his team was mostly harvesting applause for the new design language. In order for this to remain in the future, Bangle demands the stapling willingness to question existing ones to show new opportunities. In it, the key to the design of the mobility of tomorrow. Your working principle has baptized the BMW Group Design the principle GINA (geometry and functions in n-specialized dependence). Meeting for sustainability is one of the central motives of Gina philosophy, therefore new materials and manufacturing processes always have to lead to lower raw material and energy consumption than producing solutions. With the study Gina Light, the designers have now made a two-seater roadster of a special kind.

Body from four elements

The vision model comes out without the standard body elements on production vehicles such as fresh, bonnet and side walls. At their place, a new, consisting of a few elements is established. Over a metal structure with flexible carbon elements, a high-strap-proof and extremely strain-resistant tie tenses. The body consists only of four elements: the coarse component ranges from the vehicle front to the approach of the windshield and laterally to the rear completion of the treats. Coarse flats, the side sections each move from the front sill approach over the rear wheel arch to the rear. The fourth component is the central rear element.

Form change on request

Furthermore, individual parts of the substructure are arranged movable. You urge electrically and electrohydraulically controlled your position. So they help the auine skin as needed or on request of the driver to a new form. An example of this is the design of the headlights: they are invisible in normal position invisible under the tie council. If the driver turns on the lighting, besides the typical BMW kidney, the previously closed hull by moving the underlying metal structure – the double headlights are visible. Even side indicators and jerk lights remain in secret and are only recognizable in the condition switched on: the light generated by them penetrates through the translucent, ie light-passing but not transparent film to the ax.

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