Freecad: construct stamp and 3d printing

Freecad: Construct stamp and 3D printing

In the current make we build a stamp with the free design software Freecad and manufacture it on the 3D printer with the appropriate elastic material. The stamp itself can also use 3D – if you use it to the Prague with the help of embossing powder.

FreeCAD is a free open source software for creating three-dimensional models. In the make edition 2/20, we have already shown how to use Freecad a finger ring with a cushioned and attached label and finished in metal 3D printing service provider. The Freecad drawing tools came to a short language, so this time a stamp is constructed after a picture template and also 3D printed. The stamp plate made of flexible, rubber-like material, the handle is made of solid plastic.

How the stamp looks in use in our picture line:

Stamp with Freecad

Freecad: Construct stamp and 3D printing

The printouts from the service provider I.materialize (left) and from our FDM printer (Ultimaker 2+, right) next to each other. It can be clearly seen that the abges of the body parts in the left stamp are much lower than in the right. The service provider I.Materialise uses for its Rubber-Like-Prints no FDM, but a laser sintering procedure. This makes the surface gross and the workplace overall much less soft than the prints from the Ultimaker we with Ninjaflex have carried out.

Also in the make 4/20

Smart home ideas for ESP8266 and ESP32 modules: If you use web services skillfully, a very simple program for the ESP8266 – or you simply play one of the finished firmware distributions, which we simply play on one of the finished firmware distributions introduce in the new make. In the portrait, we introduce the CNC lecturer Birgit Hellendahl, which organizes the CNC14-Frosenbau workshop.

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