Franco victims demand apology from merkel

Franco victims demand apology from Merkel

The Gernika destructed by the Legion Condor. Image: German Federal Archives (183-H25224). License: CC-BY-SA-3.0

At Spain visit, the Chancellor is reminded of the bombs of the Legion Condor, she should also recognize the damage caused by the Wehrmacht

If Chancellor Angela Merkel lasts on Sunday and Monday in Spain, it becomes sacrifice of the Franco dictatorship to the "Historical guilt" for the support of the Putschists remember from 1936. If she moves to the Pilgrimstadt Santiago de Compostela on Sunday at the St. Jakobsweg, she is confronted with the demand, apologize to the victims for the support of the Putschists by Nazi Germany. She should also be the one of the Wehrmacht "Arranged damage" recognize.

This is from a letter that the Prasident Association has written to reorganizing the historical memory (Armh) of Chancellor for the victims of dictatorship. Spain is always reminiscent of his debts and their refund payment to Germany, "But there is also a tremendous fault of the country they protrude to the victims of the Franco dictatorship", Write Emilio Silva the Chancellor.

Armh also reminds the "Bombs of the Legion Condor, which reduced the civil swept Spanish city and marked the beginning of a total war". The support of those who rush the republic under Francisco Franco was crucial for the victory of the PutschiListen and gestured Spain over decades a bloody dictatorship. The German struggles in Spain without a family badge, but were under German supervision. It is reminiscent of tens of thousands that were dragged and shot from their homes and still buried in mass causes, at 30.000 graduated children, torture, rapes and internment in concentration camps.

It is particularly known that the Legion Condor is the Basque Gernika on a market Monday on the 26th. April 1937 in rubble and ash. Spain is in one "Trial field" have been transformed. Flatbombardements were rehearsed, which became the heartstuck of a new war carrying. With terror, the resilience of civil avenue should be broken. Alone in the landmark of the Basque deforestin, there were hundreds of dead. That the city was practically trapped, the air force called as "full success".

Federal President Roman Herzog had at 60. Anniversary apologized to the survivors of the city and to "culpy" known and has been awarded Dafur two years ago with the Peace Prize of the Basque City (Gernika fights against forgetting terror). An apology with the baskas has so far remained from Spain as well as a German apology lacks all sacrifers of the coup and dictatorship in Spain. It is now requested again and reminded that Chancellor Schroder apologized in 2004 at Poland. "We trend today in shame given the crimes of the Nazi troops". It was clear, "Who started the war and who were his first victims", he said in Poland. The first victims can be found in the Basque Country, even before officially a 2. World War had broken out.

The Armh-Prasident Emilio Silva does not believe that Merkel is ready for such a gesture. That was raajoy "blob", explained the Armh-Prasident. Spain do nothing to restore the historical memory and investigative attempts are even prevented. Rajoys Volkspartei (PP) has not yet distanced himself from coup and dictatorship and was founded by members of the Franco Government.

And with reference to amnest levels, investigations in Spain are prevented, which also refuses to deliver torturer of dictatorship to Argentina, where a procedure was strained (spate hope for Spanish dictatorship victims). Silva reports, the German Embassy references to inquiries always, you would not want to interfere in internal affairs. Spain were also imposed by sub-shorts and austerity programs and was even intervened on the side of the Putschists in a war.

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