Four seat coupe convertible: lexus shows the is 250c

Four seat coupe convertible: lexus shows the is 250c

Paris (France), 4. October 2008 – With the Lexus IS 250C, a Coupe Convertible celebrates its world premiere on the Paris Motor Show, which from today to 19. October for the audience is open. The four-seater with folding roof is the youngest member of the IS series, which has so far from a sedan and the high performance model IS F.

Almost everything new

Although the IS 250C is visually clearly assigned to the IS family, he only ames the bonnet, the headlights, the turquets and the axial mirrors of the sedan. All other body parts have been redesigned. Lexus sets a fully retractable, three-piece light metal folding roof with its new cabriolet, which is opened within 20 seconds. In order to ensure the fund passengers a comfortable entry, the treatments were recycled by 30 centimeters to the sedan. The rear overhang of the IS 250C also grew by 50 millimeters to create enough space for the poster room.

Comfort also with open hood

Some technical changes in the interior are intended to ensure optimal function of comfort and entertainment functions even when the hood is open. For example, the air conditioning was specially tailored to driving at the open roof and has a speed-dependent scheme. The audio system with ZWOLF speakers should allow a good sound quality with open and closed roof.

Well-known 2.5-liter gasoline

Under the hood four seater is the 2.5-liter gasoline engine with 208 hp, which was taken from the IS 250. There is a six-speed automatic transmission. For safety, a pre-crash system, ESP and newly constructed, coarse side airbags. These promise better protection for the head of the occupants when a different vehicle bounces on the lexus when the top is opened. The market launch for the IS 250C should take place in the summer of 2009.

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