Four cameras for more security

Four cameras for more security

Role (Switzerland), 14. October 2011 – Four cameras around the car should improve the safety in Nissan vehicles. They are arranged around the car and can display the events on a screen in the interior. In addition, they should allow a bird’s eye view. From 2012, on the basis of this "four-eye principle" new assistance systems can come on the market.

No acceleration

In the parking garage garage or in the city in the city, one or the other driver already loses the overview. There it can happen that he confused gas and brake pedal. In order to prevent collisions in such situations, Nissan has developed a system that recognizes the four cameras with image signal data, whether the vehicle is on the strain or in a parking space. If the driver prints the accelerator pedal, the car is only accelerated when it is on a strain. Using a Sonar system, the system also scans the vehicle environment. If it comes to a creation or collision with obstacles, the vehicle automatically brakes off.

Multi-sensor system

The cameras and an image processing program has combined Nissan to a multi-sensor system that warns the driver in front of other cars in the dead angle based on a beep and a flashing display. The sweeping camera also lines of the strain are recorded. If the driver changes the track without flashing, erades a warning signal. When randomly, the image editing function also recognizes moving objects like Fubganger. Once the camera is detected by the camera, a beep and flashing display warn the driver. The Japanese manufacturer wants to offer technology within the next two years in production vehicles.

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