Four begins

Four begins

Nice (France), 19. September 2013 – Volvo offers as one of the last manufacturers still funfzylinders, the 3.0-liter topbenzine is even a six-cylinder. But Volvo says goodbye to the coarse motors, later from the small 1.6-liter aggregates. In the future – until high to the coarse SUV XC90 – Find outlined four-cylinder use, which in the old aggregates in terms of performance are not possible, but should be significantly more economical. At the same time, they can be easily combined with an E-engine for a later hybridization, according to the motto "4 plus E equal". The beginning now three engines, which are first used in the middle class family with S60, V60 and XC60.

Cultivated, elastic diesel

From 120 to 230 hp for self-religious and from 140 to 306 hp in the petrolers, the range of services of the two-liter four-cylinders will be faithful. They are more compact and up to 50 kilograms lighter than the previously used FUNF and six-cylinders. Your consumption levels could be reduced by up to 30 percent. The new self-cord D4 makes 181 hp and replaces the processor of the same name with 163 hp, the maximum torque of 400 nm remains unnecessary.

He accelerates the combination V60 from the speed cellar, smooth, smooth and powerful. In addition, he can always grow, where his displacement starting process already went out the puffs and is harmoniously supported by the new, optional eight gear automatic. The gearbox comes from the Japanese supplier Aisin and does the gear changes in most cases trapped and gentle. Only with fast load changes does not always react whole soveran. Finally, Volvo for the automatic models also offers optional switching paddles on the steering wheel, which have missed sporty-oriented drivers so far.

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