Finnish conservatory due to internet friendly released prematurely

Maybe the Finnish army is not enough computer-centered enough

That the Internet and other networks in Network Centric Warfare play an increasingly important role, is clear. The Internet also allows the better connection of the soldiers abroad to their homeland. But obviously, the Internet brings even more dangers. It can prove some psychologists looking like – and that, so the Finnish militar, also soldiers.

In Finland, young mans have a possibility to deprive the convening in the credentials. Or they are exposed to the mixture to be released from the military service prematurely because of their internet pleasure. Finland has a general compulsory military service of six months, not even 9.There are 000 professional soldiers. 82 percent of the recovered manners hold through the entire time in the militar, 9 percent were released prematurely in 2003 from medical grundes.

Doctors of the Finnish disputes have now already sent some recruits prematurely back home because they were infested by the internet pleasure. However, exact numbers were not specified. During the six-month military service, they had not had their jobs because they had missed their computer too much:

More and more young people are on the internet day and night. For people who play throughout the night and have no friends and no other hobbies, it’s a shock to come to the army. Some go to the doctor and say that they can not stay. Sometimes the doctors said that they have a website.

Jyrki Kivela from the department for conscripts

Kivela says the internet favorite were sent home for three years and then asked again if they feel better. You let you take time to become adult. However, according to a study, the Internet usage of the Finnish adolescents is quite average.

For example, however, the problem could prove to be as pretending, and more and more soldiers have to sit in front of the computers in the high-tech armies, use them in simulations, crosslinked and pulled on the battlefield with numerous digital rates, or even unmanned vehicles as in a computer game steer. Internet and computer gambling addicts are required by their competencies. After all, the US-Army uber computer games searches for new soldiers (survive for the war in Iraq) and has highlighted Wolfowitz that the competence of multitasking for the soldiers acquired by Internet and Computer Games is required (who UBT UBT …To).

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