Fight against corona: signify and edeka disinfect supermarket with uv lamps

Fight against Corona: Signify and EDEKA disinfect supermarket with UV lamps

Until vaccines the danger of Covid-19 banners, for the time being, other measures must keep the pathogen SARS-COV-2 at shopping, traveling or in public space in bridle. In order to remove the viruses of aerosols in the interior air, mobile filter systems are currently attached to a rough role. Another, less invasive alternative are lamps that disinfect the air with UV-C rays.

Besides Osram, Signify, the manufacturer of Philips-Hue lights, is currently ahead as one of the rough lighting manufacturers this solution. For this, the Group offers a stucco of around 1.000 Euro including service matching wall and ceiling lights. They should be used in trade, buros, airport, hairdressers, schools or in gastronomy. How this could look like in everyday life, Signify demonstrates as part of a pilot project in an EDEKA business in Hamburg.

Silent air fight in three meters high

For this purpose, Edeka Clausen has around 1.300 square meters of market area of the market in the old good train station in the district of Barmbek 31 Signify lamps installed. In the executions used, a light pipes with a capacity of up to 25 watts. It emits ultraviolet light with a radiation peak of 254 nanometers, ie near the peak wave length for a so-called germ-activating effect.

Fight against Corona: Signify and EDEKA disinfect supermarket with UV lamps

The UV radiators are mounted in a high of 3.2 to 3.5 meters on souple and walls.

The UV-C rays build the DNA, sometimes the RNA, the microorganisms and make them blurry. Mounted in a high of 3.2 to 3.5 meters on souple and land, the lamps thus disinfect in this way the passing air in the upper area of the room. A separate ventilation plant is not necessary for this. Instead, the natural circulation is supposed to ensure that through the gate warms, the air conditioning or passing customers and busy air stands there. In addition to the lamps, a UV-C box of Signify is used, which can disinfect the busy shared items such as hand scanners.

Six seconds of irradiation are sufficient according to Signify to eliminate 99 percent of SARS COV-2 viruses. If they are exposed to the UV-C light for 25 seconds, that is 99.99999 percent, ie almost complete. In these values, the lighting company refers to a study of National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (Neidl) of Boston University. For this, however, the researchers have irradiated viruses with UV-C light, which adheres to Surface.

For this reason, Signify for the lamp installation in the EDEKA market had to calculate which radiation dose in the air is desirable, the Group is in line with. A scientific confirmation that the conversion rises is off. "In addition, investigations are planned and we are confident that physics do not tail", Christian Goebel explained, Sales Director Public for German-speaking countries at Signify.

Inquanion for other hygiene acceptance

EDEKA Clausen does not put everything on this card anyway, but thus adds the usual hygiene accepts that are conveniently used. "We, of course, continue to wear a mouth and nose protection to name only one example. We consider it as a flanking technical maaking for more security", said business drivers Dirk-Uwe Clausen.

Shifted were internally informed customers by folding blatter over the UV-C emitters. For humans or animal companions, their bet is safe, ared Signify. Apart from the mounting height, a parabolic reflector as well as non-reflective slats ensure that the rays sprinkle only in the intended radiation radius. Prior to, during the installation, technicians have measured in the approximate eye of an average adult of 1.70 meters that remains the radiation exposure below the limit value.

Dirk-Uwe Clausen has opted for participation in the pilot project because he hopes for a positive multiplier effect. "As a family man of two asochtern, I was happy if this solution also proves to be effective in other areas and school."

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