Federal government regulates flight ranges and registration of drones

Federal Government regulates flight ranges and registration of drones

The Federal Cabinet has launched a bill on Wednesday, with which it wants to adapt national law to the EU drone regulation. This is how the flat-covered use of unnamonical flight access should also be in Germany "Lighter, faster and safer" will. Target is it, "To demand innovation, to bring drones into the practice application and at the same time a high level of protection" to maintain people and nature.

According to the EU requirements of 2019, state has to register state as an operator, who wants to increase a 250 gram of heavy drone into the air, whereby an attached camera is added to the weight. For this purpose, a database of the Federal Aviation Federal Office (LBA) should now be filled with information. The design still needs by the Bundestag. The Federal Council is subject to approval, since tasks of aviation administration are transferred to the countries.

"This makes the fast assignment of these flight access to the authority and a contribution to their secure integration in the airspace", stresses the federal government. She wants to put the flat-covered use of unmanned flight access in Germany "Lighter, faster and safer" do.

In this country, the LBA has the general registration obligation "Technical and administrative grounds" exposed until the end of April, the German model aircraft association (DMFV). Until then, flight models still had to be marked only with the name and address of the operator. From May to registered pilots from LBA also received an individual registration number (E-ID), which should act in about such a car license plate. Unmanned aircraft could thus also be assigned to observers or proper cases to an operator. A duty to provide the E-ID visible from the AUBEN, do not exist. So you can also be attached in the battery compartment or in the hull.

The LBA will be the art of the central contact person for operators mainly for permit drones, it is called by the Federal Ministry of Transport. Thus, Burokratic Hurden – especially in flights between the Bundeslandermen – were degraded and the state airfahrersababen relieved. For members of air sports associations were exceptions to the EU rules, since here already "A good safety culture exists". You can enter into the drone database about a simplified procedure.

New operating bans

The government, for example, to protect the public security, the environment and privacy, the government wants to redeem, re-evaluate and adapt the government and privacy. So the arrival and departure areas of airplaten should be hedged with new spacing rules from 5 instead of 1.5 kilometers still stronger. The blocking zone laterally of the runways, where generally less air traffic takes place, but wants to reduce the cabinet from 1.5 to a kilometer.

For the first time, exemptions in certain spatial areas should be "Safe drone mode". So the government wants to measure a regular use of unmanned flight objects in such corridors. The respondents mainly drones of the new ones "special" Operating category that transports approximately vital medical. Even Konne will be simplified to deliver accessories or packages.

County air horns should be drone bottle in exceptional cases "by general distribution" allow. Also, airspaces were specifically designated for unmanned aerospace. For drones the "obligatory" Operating category How to air taxis should "The same high demands on technology, operation and staff as in the manned aviation" are valid. For this category, the Federal Government had already decided an action plan in May.

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