Fear of contagious schia-haresie

Egypt stops tourist flowing from Iran

The Egyptian Tourism Minister Hesham Zaazou stopped tourism traffic from Iran on Sunday. Now, to the second weekend, it should be checked if he is resumed. The regular flights were only on the 30. Marz this year has been set up. Before that, in Erypt 34 years, there had been little visitors from Persia for 34 years because the diplomatic ratio between the two countries after 1979 was very bad.

After the power of Moslembrother 2012, this ratio seemed to improve: In February 2013, the Egyptian Prassident Mohammed Mursi received his Iranian colleagues Mahmoud Achmadinedschad in the Cairo Al-Azhar University. As a result of this visit, the governments of the two countries concluded, among other things, a bilateral tourism agreement.

Fear of contagious Schia-Haresie

Hatshepsuttempel at Luxor. Photo: Daniel Fafard. License: Public Domain.

As a result of the arrival of the first Iranian vacationers at the ancient attractions of Aan and Luxor, however, Egyptian Salafists reported to words, the publicly fired, the Shiite Iranians were able to have Sunni Egyptians with their "Heresy" infect. Yasser Borhamy, the Viceprasident of the Organization Salafi Dawah, warned in this context "Schiaflut".

Elhami El Zayat, the boss of the Egyptian Tourist Chamber, tried these warnings with the small number of Iranians and with the notice of deceptive that they are none of their government’s missionaries, but tourists who wanted to see something only in Egypt gives. Borhamy, on the other hand, spoke against any contact between Sunni Egypts and Shiite Iranians, whether it is tourists or missionaries.

Tourism Minister Zaazou first tried to meet the protests of the Salafists with the argument, the insistence in front of a danger of propagation of the schiitum "exaggerated", Because the Bilateral Tourism Agreement merely trips to antique equivalents – and not to mosques and other religious facilities.

These cultural-interested Persians could help revel to revive the most agypal tourism industry, which had to suffer significant pits since 2011: visited in front of Hosni Mubarak’s fall 2010, 14.7 million strangers that were just under 10 million in the last year. Most of them visited closed tourist resorts at the Red Sea. Historic structures, on the other hand, are still visited much less.

This is also because many tourists from Western countries of the security of these places only conditionally trust: In 1997, six salafist-oriented terrorists disguised as police officers in the near a 3400-year-old totentem pile of the Konigin Hatshepsut in Luxor in the course of an approximately 14 Swiss , ten Japanese, six British, four Germans, two Colombians and four Egypters murdered, with the tatters of the victims in part noses and ears portions.

Concrete occasion of the hiring of the flights was a report of the Egypt newspaper independent, according to the Iranian to the Egyptian Government, for a better protection of Iranian State Burger, after the Cairo’s seat of the diplomatic business carrier Mojtaba Amani was attacked by a Salafistmob three days ago. Representatives of the Mursi government have therefore reported a meeting with Salafistenfuhrers for the next few days.

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