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Apparently under coarse prere, the FBI abandoned, protesters to monitor, but that’s why it was not already in-depth

The FBI has quickly responded to promceeding that the authority under the guise of anti-terrorism stagnation collects information about people protesting against the Bush government. John Pistol, Director of Antiertrorism Department, explained that this is not true.

After the New York Times announced content of a memorandum on Sunday, the FBI on 15.10 sent to the local police attitude under secrecy, in addition to burger rights organizations also protested congressman. In which paper sent in Washington and San Francisco, which are often listed in front of the coarse anti-war demonstrations in Washington and San Francisco, the many legal tactics of demonstrators were listed and the police asked for all "potentially illegal activities" to report the antiTerror department (peace demonstrations under antiTerror observation).

The memorandum, such as the democratic deputy and Prasident candidate John Edwards, suggests that the FBI now monitor people who "Peaceful, legal and activities covered by the force" carry out. He demands an appeal. The Burger Rights Organization warned that the FBI has gone a first step back to the 60s and 70s, when the author has also collected information about Vietnam War Erste and Burger Rights movements with expulsion of doubtful means to sign these. In a letter to US Minister of Justice Ashcroft, the Republican deputy Eliot Engel wrote that the US burger has the right to free her opinion, without a fear of having to be wired with taxpayers from the FBI:

Americans fight and die in Iraq, so that people without tyranny can live free, but our FBI checks our co-workers because they claim their freedom.

"We need a kind of prediction, a buried, a base to say: "This person represents a certain threat", tried pistol to learn the FBI procedure. "It’s not about gaining information for political purposes, but to prevent terrorism or criminal actions." But that’s how the criticism is actually confirmed that the FBI let the boundation between terrorism and protests in the form of demonstrations blurred and thus demonstrated demonstrators under general suspicion.

How to monitor demonstrations for praventive information acquisition of possible criminals or terrorists without gathering information about other protesters, probably one of the secrets of the FBI. Terrorists were probably not able to march in demonstrations, although the FBI indicates as a burial for monitoring, suicide dates or terrorists who want to spend the goals, hide in the crowd. Otherwise, strictly follows the National Security Investigative Guidelines for terrorists, the Ashcroft, which is also under rough prere because of the patriot law and other hardly rule of legislation (all for the protection of freedom), on the 5. November has adopted. It is called that all FBI activities must take place within the framework of the laws and above all the emergence. Explicitly said:

The guidelines prohibit and collect information about US burger with the only purpose, to monitor the activities protected by the first addition or the right-sized export of other reflection rights.

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