Facts or fake news?

Facts or Fake News?

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How it really stands for the German job miracle

Always new employment records and more and more declining unemployment figures mark the reporting to the German labor market, while in fact has changed little. The job miracle is credited by media, which in doubt always the for the ruling most favorable numbers and reduce them so that they correspond to the desired picture.

"In no country in the world are the media as free as in Turkey." – "In which country is more than fairer than in our?"

The first sentence comes from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who invested in the usual manner, who asserted something else, operate anti-tican propaganda. The rhetorical question provided the Baden-Wurttemberg Minister Prosident Winfried Kretschmann in an interview of the Funke Media Group. It was directed to the SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz, Germany not as "Valley of tears" should be, and on the other to the grunes that instead "Old battles for distribution equity" to drove, better in the election campaign "Megases such as digitization and specialist deficiency" should set, so kretschmann.

What does not fit is made to fit

While Erdogan statement is inexperienced as a lug, the things are a little different from Kretschmann. Cones the Chancellor not at any occasion, Germany go well? And do not report the media stably from the grunting economy and falling unemployment figures? The group chairman of the Union, Volker Kauder also poked on such payments, as he should in a short-term care for the "World on Sunday" Guardry, Germany to speak badly: "Unemployment is currently at the lowest level for a quarter of a century. The leans rise." Be in demand "No miesmacher, but courier".

That Schulz’s rhetorical project for more social justice is not only smelled by conservative politicians such as Kretschmann and Kauder, but also in the media in the near the populism, does not surprise. However, if they accompanied the Hartz reforms from the beginning consistently positively and incidentally brought the neoliberal basic amption under the people, unemployment is solely due to individual inadmissible liabilities. If everyone is his glow blacksmith, then the use for distribution equity is self-sufficient obsolete.

There it fits too well into the picture when the unemployment figures, supposedly as a result of the Hartz reforms, sink and sink. The pleasure government policy and journalists equally admitted, who had to admit, to have girdrrt. This may cause part to explain why the well-known fact that the unemployment figures are rather constructing the reality rather than mapping, in which media reporting is almost completely ignored.

The Tagesschau makes on this circumstance in your online offer at least on the edge. However, it is reported by it, as well as almost all other German media also, exclusively the official unemployment figures. That it is different, our neighboring country shows Austria, where politics and media dealt more open with this topic.

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