Facebook prohibits ads that doubt us electoral procedures and result

Facebook prohibits ads that doubt US electoral procedures and result

An upth step to replace a possible influence of US prasidal elections: Facebook prohibits ads that doubt the election procedure and the result. The directive is now available for Facebook itself as well as for Instagram.

Accordingly, it is no longer possible to pay for the dissemination of content in which it is asserted to participate in the election is useless or otherwise advised against it. Any infraggers of the legitimity of the elections is prohibited. In addition, allegations, results could or could not be available directly after the choice, which serves as proof of corrupt or incorrect advances. Warler can not be carried out with statements about allegedly double votes or voices without eligibility in the wrong. Display where the election day and the process is described as incompatible with the constitution, Facebook does not accept. In addition, according to the new guidelines, it should not be threatened with the choice to go harmonically.

A premature result to be contracted is not allowed on Facebook. The reigning US Prasident and Candidate Donald Trump had refused to promise in a TV debate with challenger Joe Biden, not to explain to the official result as a winner. Trump also claims that Democrats were worried by letter elections for election fraud.

Further measures to protect the choice

Facebook had already explored that from the 3. November no political ads are accepted. Reason is that seven days prior to choice is no longer enough time to refute any misjudgments. Previously switched advertising can be changed in the small frame and continue to run.

Mark Zuckerberg showed himself worried in his statement that the Corona crisis would affect the choice and the wait for final results to riots in the population could drove. Due to Covid-19, especially many letterwahrels are expected, which demands the payout.

For users in the USA is also an election information center available. There all official news and results should be found there. Also, he should already provide help now, when registering. Users can also banish any election advertising from their newsfeed.

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