Facebook – or faithbook?

Philosophical Column: from religions and baking fish

Cliff Henger is an upper Bavarian official (despite his American first name, both name and man are relics of the occupation time). He had studied philosophy at the second time, and that lasts him until today. For example, last Saturday at shopping.

There was his primary school teacher in front of the deep cereal fish, firmly in conversation with a seller. Cliff did not come to the fish without thoroughs this social. Normally, the ceremonial see only a clearly horny grub word, a medium-intensive laughing and a short demutory fines like "May I please" before, but elementary school teachers are exceptions of many rules, so that Cliff’s goal-oriented actions were unstoppable in a discussion about the abuse trap in the Catholic Church. For this he should take his opinion as a philosopher.

From old-class exercises he had never stopped as a child. Gladly, Cliff had revised this impression, but he would like to give themselves and probable that too high standards of people were missed in principle. The person is once a person and no angel, as well as Schuler not all nobel-free and priests only people and therefore automatically no sacred. Otherwise they were already dead and elsewhere. In order not to run the risk of dying soon, he only wool quickly to the backfish – but his enforcement period was lower than the talkfulness of his teacher.

They picked up at the counter attack and asked his hand on the deepkools, whether Cliff then compare to all seriousness and despite their education priests with reprased envelopes of an economic emperium. "Sell only something like simple sellers, and something that nobody sees, HM?!" And at the point cliff came that that is not so wrong first, and secondly as well as on Facebook. There is also a capital without material foundations.

On Facebook, the long time went well until the company went to the Borse. That’s why churches do not go to the borse? Or is Facebook something like a religion? His heads were then Mark Zuckerberg – and that was adapted to the overall picture. Because sacred mountains have always been in different religions. The fact that self-disclosures on Facebook can be used online themselves, almost in a Faithbook, only a time-minded commitment to the new media. Foucault says too, man his "Intent". Therefore, in the so-called book of life of the Judian tradition you can write yourself nowadays.

Zuckerberg has devised himself decided to be the land of a new religion, but have not done exactly many other religious stickers? Even Christianity was in his starting only a small student movement in the broadest sense, and what has become out of her? Catholicism. Other small side streams such as Protestantism has defined the current Pope undelegent as church-toothed communities – for the octumes a gross litter, albeit in the wrong direction.

Although this also rejects the thesis that all Christian religions are somehow similar, if not all the avatars of Hinduism, but it allows a fine-differentiated parallel between Facebook, Protestanism and Islam: Overall network structures, but no human head. So had Facebook at least the stuff to a church community? Both, religions anyway and social networks, according to a study by the University Harvard also.

Cliff shuddered with all these thoughts and once again he thought that religions like sausages occur. Never wanted to know how they are made. He stood there, immersed in his thoughts, and his teacher exchanged perspurious looks with the seller. Cliff said goodbye cultivated and went to the cash register. He has forgotten the fish in this way; What he donates this Saturday, but that is another story and the should be paid in the next episode ..

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