Exactly when am i anti-semit?

Exactly when am I anti-Semit?

Necessary and taken together sufficient conditions in order to rightly referred to as anti-Semit

Who is anti-Semit? This question is ambiguous. You can understand them so that they require a list where ideally all anti-Semites are listed in particular. But it can also be (abstract) as a definition question, D.H., As a question, what conditions are necessary and taken together to be sufficient to stand right on this list. This second (more abstract) reading is quite clear the basic. In the following, it is therefore the focus. She became, so then in the discussion of nearby escapification, so far was criminally neglected. I want to change that. Because it has to change.

This on 10. September 2019 before the DAG (German Arab Society) in Berlin was based on the in Telepolis (08.12.2008) and then again in the ebook Georg Meggle, "About media, war and terror" (2019) contained ages presentation "Who is anti-Semit?", which tangled here, but at the same time was added to some important points. For the author’s most important follow: if the anti-Semitism definition proposed here is so much clearer and, as it has further exported in the discussion, at the same time more useful than the currently investing so-called "Work definitions", Why is not working with her right now? His amption: clarity is not the goal of the current anti-Semitism debates. This is what.

1. Anti-Semitic settings

So: exactly when am I anti-Semit?

My answer quite rough: one Antisemite Is someone with an anti-Semitic attitude. And I ware manifest Antisemit, if this anti-Semitic setting is also manifested in my (mostly verbal) behavior – otherwise I would be one latent Antisemite.

The anti-Semitism label can thus attach to three different levels: namely on:

  • Subjects / Actors (Individual, Collective, Institution
  • Behavior
  • settings

And on each of these three levels there are corresponding discrimination parallels:

  • Subjects / Actor: Racist, Sexist, Nationalist,
  • Behavior: Racist, sexist, nationalist,
  • Settings: Racist, sexist, nationalist

In all these cases, the respective concept is the attitude of the basic. With it the other two terms can be defined; but not vice versa.

The core of this approach is: anti-Semitism = Jew discrimination. Point.

The same again:

(AS.E) Anti-Semitic is a setting Exactly, if you should be less worth a Jew alone, because he Jew is.

This definition also focuses on the discrimination aspect in anti-Semitism – as well as in the corresponding definitions of racism, sexism and nationalism – in the center. This has the most rough advantage that exactly the common source of its principal moral repository is turned out.

Anti-Semitic, racist, nationalist, sexist etc. – These are strong through the bank Valuing prints, with which we use the actors, behaviors and attitudes as morally reprehensible judged. In fact without any restriction, without any if and but.

And this too rightly. Because: There are no these behaviors or settings (unlike Z.B. For lugs or even totters in an emergency stop) any moral justification. Such behaviors and attitudes are simply reprehensible per se. Unlike emergency loans or even in self-defense, there is no even conceivable exception (emergency situations) in which anti-Semitism, racism, sexism etc. be justified.

That has a very simple reason. These behaviors and attitudes are all violated against one of our elementary moral principles. Namely against the universal discrimination ban, what Any kind of Racial, sex- etc. Discrimination forbidden is – unconditionally. Whether what someone is doing is good or poor in moral terms, which may not depend under no circumstances of whether the person concerned is white or yellow or black; Not of it, if man or woman; and also not of whether she is Judin or not.

This discrimination ban is often formulated as a tender: in moral terms, all breeds, genders and ethnic groups etc. without any restriction. To which race we obedient, to which sex, to which ethnicity etc. – All this is absolutely irrelevant in moral terms.

The universal equalization requires no empirical equality amptions; It also does not require undifferentiated equal treatment. It only requires that, even if we are different breeds or sexes, ethnicity etc. enabled, our same interests under the same circumstances also need to be considered in the same way. That, for example, the suffering of a Judian mother pays a lot about the death of her child as much as the same suffering of a German mother – or a palatinian.

The fact that discrimination usually contacts against others will take the possibility of a Self-discrimination by no means. Who hates himself, sometimes does that because he is different – or only believes to be different – as "the others". Women can also be women’s enemies; Even blacks can despise their black brother and herself (as black) despise; Germans can also be anti-Germans; And so is Judian self-hatred no conceptual impossibility. Antisemit can be in principle everyone. So also a Jew. That someone did not catch any anti-Semitic, because he is a Jew, is simply wrong.

Incidental: also one philoSemitic attitude can be morally reprehensible. If you too discriminated. So always when "Philosemic" As much as: Jews are per se as (in morally relevant regard) more valuable than others. Because it already follows that whoever always his Moge, these in their part per se fewer Value than others (as the Jews name). But exactly this forbids the universal discrimination ban.

The anti-Semitism term enforced here is highly general. And he must be that too, as it is so often called, Any kind of anti-Semitism to get tocost. Because then, every kind of anti-Semitism must really fall under this term. That’s why a general anti-Semitism term may not say anything about it, why a subject (individual, collective or the institution in question) the Jews-Discriminatory attitude in question has superimposed. The term does not say anything about the different causes, Nothing about the diverse Motif and nothing about any Reasons.

Depending on Type of these motives or reason Goods to differ, for example, between

  1. Racial
  2. Religious (Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim)
  3. Social
  4. Political anti-Semitism,

Whereby these types by no means comprises. The exploration of the causes, changes and expressions of these different types of anti-Semitism is the task of the so-called anti-Semitism research.

and last but not least: Our basic concept of Negative Jew Discrimination Last completely open, like the term "Jew" to define itself. With good reason. On the one hand, this anti-Semitism concept is not about anyway, who is the objective of Jew, but (as we will still see) only that the discriminating subject is his discrimination object for a Judin or a Jew stop. And on the other hand and should one prefer to leave the appropriate self-determination anyway, the Jews "itself. And if these can ever be a few yourself or not, that is for a clear determination for a clear determination of what anti-Semitism to understand is, completely irrelevant.

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