Europe’s new self-confidence

Strabburg’s parliamentary tiger bolines the teeth, but Durao Barroso does not yet

Astonished the European Office of these days to Strabburg. The European Parliament, still pruned in his right opposite full parlements as the Bundestag, shows unexpectedly fighting. Durao Barroso is still more designated and not CommissionSpasident, his commissioners are no longer under species protection and the heads of government must now think about. Only the parliament is finely finely out: without deserving Durao Barroso, it made its own wishes clearly. A new highlight Strabburger self-confidence, which showed itself in the fall of the Santer Commission in 1999?

Presumably, Barroso has built the very last chance of a hinted majority on Tuesday. He presented the increasingly self-confident parliamentarians of the Social Democratic and Liberal Groups, which had not yet settled to a vote, in a corner with right-wing extremists: whether it was normal if the particularly for Europe-committed force cooperation with the extreme opponents of a European agreement he asked in Parliament.

You do not like to insult in Strabburg. Johannes Swoboda, Vice Group Chief of Social Democrats, countered: "Buttiglione has become a symbol of stubbornness of governments that were not ready to work with us." A clear warning to Durao Barroso, that he continues to depend on Parliament.

End of artificial condition

The political scientist Werner Weidenfeld from the Munchner Centrum for Applied Policy Research Expired in conversation with Telepolis positively surprises:

Parliament is finally awakened. The parliamentarians have done nothing else to exploit the constitutional framework that has been given to them for a long time.

This is part of a general politicization of European politics, so Weidenfeld. Of the "artificial laboratory condition" In which Europe did so far, will now be in favor of "normal" Conflicts as they are on other political levels everyday life.

The mood at the head of the EU Parliament is on Thursday "completely normal" said Silvana Koch-More, Vice Chairman of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament. Consultations and plenary sessions had taken place as usual. One day before, it was euphoric in Strabburg and Brussel, the two headquarters of the European Parliament: from one "Historical victory for the European parliamentarism and the European democracy" Daniel Cohn-Bendit said, faction leader of the Grunen:

For the first time, the European Parliament successfully resisted the nomination of a commission with blatant misconducts.

The liberal bits mainly at Rocco Buttiglione, the Erzkonservative Italian candidate, the head of government Berlusconi like to be sent to Brussel as Commissioner for Heart, Justice and Burgerial Freedoms. Its exercises to the homosexualitat, which he described as a sunde, and for family policy initiates the liberal deputy mad. "So someone we could not tolerate", declared Silvana Koch-More against Telepolis. In factional sample tuning, it became clear that Durao Barroso’s Commission had no chance. Two-thirds of the liberals and the whole Social Democratic Group rejected.

Buttigliones career as Commissioner Fundgular failed

Other claims as a substitute for the controversial Italian Buttiglione (the Commissioners, Parliament and Morality) does not want to charge the Liberals: "Parliament should not now be too many demands", she said. Grunen boss Cohn-Bendit looks different: "Only with the exchange Buttiglions will not be done. Grunen call for Durao Barroso solutions for all commissioners classified according to parliamentary sights. We are waiting for Durao Barrosos new proposal. He is on the train."

The appointment of the Commissioners is as the appointment of the Commission’s Prospective (a candidate and a much showcase) by the member governments. Silvio Berlusconi is now forced to find a substitute for Buttiglione, which corresponds to both the own legal conservative spectrum of the government coalition in Rome, as well accepted in Strabburg. Another Italian remains in Brussel until Durao Barroso and Berlusconi have become depicting: Romano Prodi continues to lead the officials with his team. And another remains possible: The previous competition commissar Mario Monti is one of the possible options for Berlusconi.

The young FDP member Koch-Mehrin makes two causes for the new, self-confident Parliament: "There are now deputies from the ten new countries. These are people who have revamped by democracy." – and now do not want to be satisfied with the role of Ja-Sagers in the new, united Europe. In addition, as Koch-Mehrin, now the influence of in particular young members have grown, which do not believe, "that a parliament always has to be an opinion".

It finds one "Changing in the political culture of these advances" instead of, the political scientist Wickenfeld analyzes that happen. The parliament and democratization of the European Union sustainably strong. "However, only if the parliamentarians do not fall into their form crisis." Conveniently, the new exposure is not. In the past, the Parliament often rejected all too fast again in disagreements.

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