Enemy picture: russia makes information about the weapon

Enemy picture: Russia makes information about the weapon

Picture of the cover of the report "The Menace of Unreality: How The Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money"

Not only since the election, counterclaims are required for the alleged Russian hybrid or information war of interested transatlantic circles

An article in Washington Post on alleged Russian Propaganda as a War of Information War against the West has appointed Obsures sources (propaganda war in the US against Russia). A website called Propornot has created a list of English-speaking websites that are referred to as sources and broad Russian propaganda or as usual idiots. Among them are some left websites or those that are critical to American politics: "Russia is manipulating US Public Opinion Through Online Propaganda. WE’RE Trying to Stop it."

Allegedly, the CIA or. If the US intelligence agencies ame that Russia wanted to influence the choice in favor of Trump. You have evidence of persons closely related to the Kremlin and passed the chopped DNC emails to Wikileaks. An evidence of a connection to the Russian government seems to be missing, but the trump camp is funny on the intelligence services, insists that there is no evidence, and ultimately sees behind the campaign, and ultimately see the attempt of Democrats not to recognize the choice as a total (US intelligence: Russia wanted to do Trump’s election victory).

The article had just taken care of the alternative media for turmoil. And so it was investigated which traces can be found to protect against Propornot. After a tweet of 7. November became the anti-propaganda propaganda group, it should be one, inspired by Peter Pomerantsev. He is a staff at the Legatum Institute in London and has with the information Warfare Project of the Transatlantic Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Washington for the report "Information was. Techniques and Counter Strategies to Russian Propaganda in Central and Eastern Europe" worked together, which was published in August. He can be considered one of the main strategics, which is immunably written on the dangers and speaks, which emanates from the Russian War II, also called hybrid or nonlinear war. Russia prey "The idea of freedom of information" – An American concept from the Cold War – out, "To inject the company of the information".

Enemy picture: Russia makes information about the weapon

If here with regard to propaganda of "Ward" is spoken, so this should suggest the danger of Russia from the outset. Pomerantsev had already written in another report in 2014, which he wrote with the Neoocon Michael Weiss (head of the magazine The Interpreter, the Russian Propaganda) spoke that Russia is doing information, culture and money to the weapon. The report was published The Menace of Unreality: How The Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money of the Institute for Modern Russia (IMR), founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and from The Interpreter. For example, he has emerged by disseminating the thesis that the presentation is in the core of the Russian information strategy, "that there is no objective truth". Russia So Fruher representatives of the ideology of the post-factory age.

In the report focused on Ukraine, employees of the Think tanks or. Lobby organizations Freedom House and National Endowment for Democracy, both are fundamentally financed by the US government. It’s about a branched network for tracking political interests. Weiss and PomerantSev also wrote in many media for years about the information war of Russia and come in the report concludes that Putin’s Russia "Danger as a communist super power" is.

The Ultimate Aim Of The Kremlin’s International Media Is Not to Make Anyone Like Russia. It Is Not Pra Or Necessarily Engaged in Fact-based Journalism. Instead, Information is Used to Sow Divisions, Demoralize and Disorganize – To Weaponize Information. … Their Aim Appears to Have Been to Trash The Information Space With So Much Misinformation That a Conversation Based On Actual Facts Would Become Impossible. This is not Merely An information was but a was on information

Peter Pomerantev in front of the intelligence service

PomerantSev’s lobby work seems to be successful. So he was charged from the senior committee of the Prosrugenantenhaus to an appeal via Russia’s Weaponising information, so how Russia’s information about the weapon, which has been recorded by the title of the report. The committee chairman Edward R. Royce, a Republican, referred to the Cold War and talked to the knowledge of a visit to Ukraine of the "Russian propaganda machine" and the "Information psychological strategy of the Kremlin". Against the Russian "War with information" leisure "Our information room" he repeated theses of Pomerantsev, for example by supporting "NGOs" How Stop Fake in Ukraine, The Interpreter (!) In the USA or BellingCat in Great Britain. MUSSION "Qualitatate journalism" and "Independent Russian media" be required.

Enemy picture: Russia makes information about the weapon

The publication is about how to do the "War win". Cooperation between the Washington Post and the Information Warfare Project, which is operated by Pomerantsev and Edward Lucas from the CEPA, documents an article on the dwareness of the Russian disinformation, the Lucas together with the WP Columnn Ann Applebaum, which also employee at Cepa and The Legatum Institute is written in May.

Applebaum, Woman of the former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski, is associated with numerous conservative and transatlantic organizations such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations or Institutes for War and Peace Reporting. In the Washington Post she was able to with Edward Lucas of Cepa an opinion article about the "Danger of Russian Desinformation" At the start of the information Warfare Initiative uniform.

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