Electric cars: aral establishes electric mobility division

Electric cars: aral establishes electric mobility division

Aral, BP’s gas station chain in Germany, now has its own business unit on its board of directors. The previously two-headed board is now supplemented by Alexander Junge, who will continue to be responsible for new mobility for the company’s parent company, including an electric mobility project in India.

Junge, a business economist, was previously responsible for creating an ultrafast charging infrastructure at Aral. The new board position for him is to underline the important significance for Aral, it says in a statement .

500 fast charging points

According to its own information, Aral operates 2400 service stations in Germany. The company plans to install 500 charging points with up to 350 kW charging power on a good 120 of them by the end of this year. A year ago, the company said it wanted to integrate electric charging into its overall station offering, improve traffic management on the service station site, and build a canopy where possible,

Grease the old gas station?

Electric cars: aral establishes electric mobility division

Furstenwalde highway service station, 1937, by Friedrich Tamm. Image: Clemensfranz.0

German government plans to install one million charging points by 2030. In December of last year, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz announced that charging stations for electric cars would be made mandatory at gas stations if necessary. Competitor Shell, like Aral, had begun equipping its first gas stations with fast-charging pumps in 2019.

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